What Are The Risks Associated With Flea Infestation

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If you have ever searched for pet care products you must have come across myriads of products that deal with the flea infestation. Have you ever wondered why such a huge portion pet care product is devoted to combat flea infection? There is no price for guessing the answer.

Well, the reason is that flea infestation might be very frequent in pets. And it can affect them very badly. The fact is that the flea infestation is very irritating and harmful to pets. It is natural for you to be somewhat ignorant if you don’t know the effects of infestation on your darling pet. So, we are discussing the health threats posed by tiny fleas to your furry babies.

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After reading the health hazards of fleas on your pets, you’ll surely want someone to suggest you a flea combating product for your pet. Although there are numerous products in the market, you can get the best one from Advecta3.com. Their products are tried and tested and are highly effective when it comes to getting rid fleas and ticks. Now, let us see how bad flea infections can be:

Flea bite dermatitis – One of the most common problems created by fleas is the flea bite dermatitis i.e. the allergy caused by the flea saliva. This is a very irritating allergy for any pet. You’ll see your pet dog or cat scratching their body abnormally when they get infected with this allergy. The constant scratching breaks open the skin of your pet thus forming scabs. If not treated very early, the allergy can bring lots of problems for your pet. You can also find red patches on some pets when they get infected by flea bite dermatitis. Although allergies like flea bite dermatitis are associated with itching, in some pets, it also causes some significant behavioral changes. Abnormal hair loss also becomes prominent when a pet is infested by a flea allergy. Removing fleas, in this case, will not be enough solution. Your pet will need some medications to treat the allergy.

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Anemia – Fleas are the parasites that live exclusively by consuming blood from the host’s body. When the number of fleas on your pet’s body is low, you won’t find any visible clues of anemia. But as the number starts multiplying, the fleas consume so much blood that the red blood cell in your pet’s body starts getting significantly low. The smaller your pet the higher is the risk of getting highly anemic. We suggest you act as soon as there is the slightest hint of flea infestation because fleas multiply in number very rapidly. Anaemia caused due to fleas can turn into a medical emergency if not given proper attention. In some cases, it can also cause the death of the pet. The pets that do not get allergic to flea bite are more prone to be anemic because the signs of flea are significantly delayed.

Tapeworm infection – Another major problem caused due to fleas is the tapeworm infection in pets. Due to their grooming habits, the pets lick themselves and this licking increase when the pets get irritated by the fleas crawling on their body. When your cat or your dog ingests a flea in this manner, the flea makes their way to the pet’s digestive system. The fleas have a tapeworm inside their body that eventually starts growing into the body of the pet. This segmented parasite growing inside your pet’s intestine starts absorbing all the nutrients from the pet’s digestive system. The presence of tapeworm causes itchy rear end in your pet. One of the most prominent signs of tapeworm infection is the continually decreasing weight of your pet. While there are some other reasons for tapeworm infestation, fleas are the major cause. So, if you want your pet not to get infested by deadly tapeworms, you need to keep them safe from fleas.

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Fleas can create lots of health issues in your pet, the above-mentioned ones are the most deadly ones. You should stay alert so that fleas do not get an entry into your sweet home. But, if they happen to enter by any means and you see slightest of the sign, you should get professional help as soon as possible. In addition to making your pets sick, the fleas can also bite humans if they chance upon your body. So, while getting your pet treated for flea infestation, you should also consider getting your home treated by a professional exterminator. This will keep away the risk of repeated infestations.