Litter Box Tips That You Need To Know

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For a lot of cat owners, a trip to the local store is as far as they will go in terms of litter box diversity.  However, the world of litter boxes is more intense than you might imagine and there are many different choices that you can make.  Of course, you will need to take your cat into account when you do this.  Factors such as age, size and privacy preferences need to be looked at before you pick up the right litter box.


The Privacy

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If you have one cat and they enjoy their privacy, you should look at a litter box that has a large hood.  However, this is not ideal when you have multiple cats as they will not like others sneaking up on them as they are busy inside.  You will need to look for a different type of litter box in these cases and look at some of the tips available online for hiding the litter box


Choosing The Right Litter

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While it is important that you choose the right type of litter box, you also need to choose the right type of litter.  To help narrow down the choices available, you should consider clumping or non-clumping.  Clumping litter is generally more cost-effective and will be a time saver.


You should then look at scented and non-scented litter.  This will generally be your preference because you might find that the scented litter helps to hide odors better.  However, you do have to take your pet’s sensitivity into account with this.


Most litter can be purchased in small boxes or bag choices.  This allows you to try something for a month to determine if it works for your cat.  It is also important to note that the most expensive litter on the market will not always be the best choice.


Choose A Metal Litter Scoop


Plastic litter scoops are the most common on the market and you will be able to find them in retail and grocery stores.  However, they are not actually the ideal scoop as you will never be able to get a firm grip on large amounts of litter at one time.  This means that you will be scooping the same spot for a while before it is completely clean.


This is why you should consider getting a metal scoop instead.  You will be able to find these scoops at pet stores and they will change your life.  You will be able to clean the litter box with easy and much quicker which is ideal.


Choosing The Best Location For The Litter Box

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The best location for your litter box will depend greatly on your house layout, size and the preferences of your cat.  Your cat’s first choice for placement will generally be somewhere that is private and away from heavy traffic.  Cats do not like to have an audience when they are using their litter box.  This is why many owners will place their litter boxes in the spare bathroom or the laundry room where their cat can have some privacy, but you will need to consider the number of cats you have.


If you have more than one cat, you will want to have more than one litter box.  Having a litter box for each of your cats will ensure that they each have privacy.  If you have a home with multiple levels, you should have litter boxes on each level.  If your cat needs to get to a litter box quickly, having one close by is preferred.


Keep The Litter Box Clean

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This is something that should go without saying.  You will not want to use a dirty toilet so you should not make your cat either.  You need to look at cleaning the litter box daily or at least every 2 days.  If you find that your cat is going outside of the box, cleanliness is generally the reason for this.


Self-cleaning litter boxes have come on a long way in recent years and they can make the whole process of hygiene a lot easier. The automatic litter box for cats means there is no more need for scooping or cleaning and can be a great investment.


You need to ensure that the sides of the litter box are free of urine and feces each time you clean it.  You also need to listen to your cat regarding the litter box.  Bathroom issues are one of the ways that your cat is able to tell you something important.


Check Waste For Problems


Most people want to clean the litter box as quickly as possible and this is understandable.  However, you do need to take note of the litter box when you want to look for signs that your cat is having issues whether physical or mental.  You should ensure that your cat is urinating and defecating at least once per day.  If you notice any excessive urine, strange odors or blood when cleaning, you will need to take your cat to the vet for a checkup.


Make Use Of Baking Soda

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Baking soda often seems to have magical properties and you need to take advantage of this.  You can use baking soda in cooking and for countless cleaning applications.  Many people place baking soda in their fridge to remove odors and you can do the same around your litter box.  Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the litter each time to you clean and you will see a reduction on the odors that come from it.


Blow Your Nose

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If you are the lucky person who has to clean the litter box, you need to make a note of this tip.  After you have cleaned the litter box, you need to blow your nose and run the tissue along the inside of the nose.  Most people do not realize that there is a large amount of dust that they inhale when they spend a few minutes cleaning the litter box.


You should try this tip once and then you will understand why it is important.  Blowing your nose will also remove the smell of the litter that generally follows you for the rest of the day.


Change The Litter Completely Once A Month


Once a month, you need to completely change the litter.  This will ensure that your cat has a fresh litter feeling.  Changing the litter will also give you the opportunity to thoroughly clean the litter box.  This is something that you need to do for both you and your cat’s sake.


Reassess Often

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What has been working will not always work forever and you need to consider this.  This is why you need to reassess the litter and litter box regularly.  When you do this, your cat will always have the right litter and litter box.

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