5 Benefits Of Professional Dog Grooming

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People who aren’t pet parents often think that professional pet grooming is an unnecessary kind of luxury. But in fact, regular grooming will not only make a dog look great it also has health benefits.


Many owners realize the importance of regular grooming and take their pup to a groomer once a month. Others prefer grooming their dog at home, and that is fine as well, as long as you know what are you doing.


Many owners don’t realize that grooming involves more that regular bathing and brushing, and professionals do. For a reasonable price your dog will be washed, brushed, get his ears and teeth cleaned, and his nails trimmed.


When you think about it, being an owner is a lot of work and it is always good to get a little help from the professionals. If you still have doubts we will tell you about 5 benefits of professional dog grooming. Who knows, maybe they will encourage you to schedule your pup’s first appointment.



New Haircut

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Getting dog hair clippers isn’t hard, but do you know how to give your dog a show like trim? Some breeds like Poodles have fur that grows all the time and need a professional help in keeping those curls under control.


A professional groomer will know your breed’s standard and cut his hair according to it. And when you think about it, for a moderate price your pup will get a great haircut and you won’t have to spend hours removing hair from your house.



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Regular grooming won’t only make your dog look great it will also prolong his lifespan. Generally speaking, most dogs need to visit a groomer once in a month or once every two months.


And since a groomer works with your dog’s whole body, he can notice slight changes and notify you if anything seems concerning. A dull looking coat, hair loss, or innocent looking lump can be signs of serious problems and can pass undetected.


Furthermore, a groomer will check your pup’s paws, and treat any cuts and puncture wounds accordingly. He will also inspect the state of the teeth and offer you advice about proper dental care and good products.


Also, most skin problems remain undetected until they become serious and cause great discomfort to your pup. A groomer will firstly notice the state of your dog’s skin and address it with a suitable product that won’t irritate it further.


Painless nail trimming

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Nail trimming is probably the biggest nightmare of many dog parents, and dogs seem to hate it as well. But this can become a thing of the past if you opt for a professional help.


A groomer works with dogs nails every day and knows tricks how to cut them quickly, painlessly and without traumatizing your dog. Also, the chances of quicking and all the bloody business are almost non-existent.


Long nails can cause serious pain and problems with walking and posture, and proper care is necessary to avoid this. Most dogs need their nails trimmed once every month, and it won’t take more than 5 minutes for a professional to be done with it.


Right Grooming Supplies

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Every dog is unique and even the same breed dogs have slightly different coats, and a groomer is aware of that. When you take your pup to a groomer you can be sure that his individual needs are met.


That means that a different type of brush, shampoo and hair clipping technique will be applied on a dog with long hair compared to a short-haired one.


Comfort first

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When you think about it, grooming a dog takes time, and on some occasions, all of us want just to be done with it. Professionals will give your dog as much time as he needs to get comfortable and relaxed.


A groomer is trained to deal with skittish dog’s and won’t try to wrestle a pup into the tub. When it comes to professional a dog comes first, and you can rest assured that your dog will feel comfortable and enjoy it more in the saloon than at home.



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Regular grooming is a duty of every dog owner, and it has numerous health benefits that will keep your pup in your company for many years to come. We can agree that grooming requires a lot of time and energy and it’s not always your favorite thing to do.


On the other hand, a professional groomer is there to make your life easier. And besides a nice looking dog is a happy dog. On that notice, we listed 5 benefits of professional dog grooming in order to help you make that next step and schedule your pup’s first appointment.

dog grooming authorAbout: Charles B. Hardy – Founder of Pawpawlover.comAn original vet with tremendous love for dog and an owner of a little Golden Retriever. He aspires to share his experience with anyone who cares about dogs.