Welcome Dog-Friendly Canada And Happy Birthday Maggie

pet-friendly Canada cover

Maggie turned 11 years old today and is celebrating her birthday in dog-friendly Canada. We’re looking forward to seeing how dog-friendly Canada can be and meet fellow dog-friendly Canadians.

Myself, I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and I truly remember wonderful times with my family dog so I can’t wait to explore it today with Maggie.

This makes the 5th country that Maggie has celebrated her birthday! As a traveling dog, Maggie has sure experienced a lot of places and I am so happy that she is by my side. Here are a few other places Maggie has celebrated a birthday

Birthday Number 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6

dog-friendly Canada in UK

For the last five years, Maggie has enjoyed all the wonderful things that the United Kingdom has to offer. Mostly based in London she has enjoyed traveling on the dog-friendly tubes, trains, and buses. Loved that most of the pubs are dog-friendly and marveled at just how friendly Brits are to their wagging four-legged buddies.

Birthday Number 5 and 4

dog-friendly Canada CH

What dog wouldn’t love living in Switzerland? The whole country is a doggie paradise with beautiful mountain trails, romps in Lake Geneva and dog-friendly transport. Dining out is never a problem for well-behaved pooches.

Birthday Number 3 and 2

dog-friendly Canada HK

A lot of people thought I was crazy to bring my dog to the urban jungle of Hong Kong. But did you know that Natural terrain covers about 60% of the total land area of Hong Kong? Besides all the wonderful trails and beaches that you can enjoy with your dog. Did you know that in Victoria Park there are two restaurants that are not only dog-friendly but they also have a menu just for dogs?

My favorite place though was a seaside bar right on the beach where I would take Maggie. While she played on the beach with the owners’ dog I was able to watch her while the sun set over a chilled glass of wine.

When Maggie was one year old she celebrated her birthday in New York City

Birthday number one

dog-friendly Canada Ny

Not too far from dog-friendly Canada, but where it all began was in New York City. This is the place where I found 10 weeks old Maggie. Little did I know what an adventure we would have!

Do you consider it’s dog-friendly Canada or not?

We’re here to find out! We’re looking for dog-friendly places, things to do and source out the best pet-friendly Canadain products!