What Should You Pack In A Dog Survival Kit?

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Pooching Around is a great resource site for dog owners has designed and produced an interesting infographic all about doggy survival kits. With handy tips on what they should include. Although there is not always advanced warning of when you might be caught in an emergency situation. A natural disaster could force you to be displaced from your home, and it pays to be prepared. Having a dog survival kit is a must and will give you peace of mind knowing that your pet will have what it needs.


Go bags have been talked about a lot for us humans, but as a dog owner. It is likely that you agree that you have a responsibility to your pet to keep him or her safe and healthy, in good and bad times.

In a similar way to a go bag you or I might prepare for emergency situations such as evacuations, a doggy survival kit should have everything you will need on the move with your animal. The infographic not only highlights many of the items that are considered to be common sense for an emergency situation – like water and food; it also includes things you may not have even thought about.


Like most dog owners, you undoubtedly already own a collar and leash. So, you may not even think about including these items in your doggy survival kit. However, the reason Pooching Around has included these items is that it is worth investing in spares in case your dog’s current collar or leash break or deteriorate more rapidly when you are being evacuated or trying to get away from a dangerous area.


Another item you could be forgiven for not thinking about that Pooching Around’s infographic outlines is having a printed record of your dog’s medical records. A list of their medications, as well as a backup supply of on-going treatments, should added too. As you obviously don’t know how long you may be away from your own home, just as you should have your own medical records in your go-bag, you need the same for your dog so that any vets you come into contact, that are not who you and your dog see regularly, know how best to treat your animal.

Dog Survival Kit

dog survival kit

Photo by Yuki Dog on Unsplash