How to Have Your Puppy Totally Enjoy Their First Groom

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Training a puppy does not only involve teaching basic commands and housebreaking rules. You must also teach the pup how to enjoy and cooperate fully during grooming sessions. The puppy will have to learn how to lie, sit, or stand for grooming so that you do not have to constantly deal with a moving pet when you want to brush and clean them. Grooming will not only keep it looking pretty it also keeps the pets happy and healthy.

It may not be an easy task introducing the young canine to the grooming process. After all, it will be coming across foreign tools like combs, brushes, shampoo, and clippers on its body for the first time.

To make things a lot easier, you must have the proper tools to get the job done. Go through the hair clippers club to get assistance on how to choose the ideal clippers for your precious pet. It is also wise to consult a professional vet or groomer who knows the best products that you should be using for a specific breed and coat type.

After getting the tools you need some advice you can borrow to get your puppy loving the grooming process include:

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Start Slow

It is never a good idea just to creep up on the tiny pet and start brushing their hair, clipping their nails and coat. Introduce things gradually so that they are not terrified of the experience and end up loathing the entire process.

For instance, when it comes to brushing, let the dog first learn the tool in a way that they will not harm themselves. Touch the brush and start playing with it with the pup so that they can see that it is a good thing.

When the puppy is lying on your lap, you can brush the coat with your fingers at first. They are bound to feel nice so that by the time you are introducing the brush, it will be something more “natural”. Do not brush the hair for long as a few seconds are enough during the first period. The seconds will graduate to minutes and after a couple of sessions, you will find that the pup actually enjoys brushing and will sit still until you are done.

Introduce the other tools slowly until the little canine gets the essence of what is going on.

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Train the Puppy to Stand Still on a Table

While you may start out doing some grooming job while the pup is in your lap or on the sofa, it is also important to teach them how to stay put on a table. Your pet needs to be able to lie down, stand, or sit on a hard surface like a kitchen counter or grooming table. It is crucial because they will end up standing or sitting on a table during veterinary visits. When the pup already has experience at home, it will be less stressful when they visit the vet.

You can get a commercial table or just work with what you have at home. This will also give you more control when you are grooming. Ensure that you work with a table or counter with comfortable height so that your puppy does not run scared. Keep him company for as long as it takes on the table until it gets used to it. You can even have treats on the table to distract the pup a little bit as they learn to stay still when you place it on the surface.

Frequent Salon Visits

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If you will not be grooming the pup at home, they need to get used to the salon environment first before booking an appointment. Visit the workstation of an expert groomer several times before starting to work with the puppy. It can get treats from the staff so that the young one has a positive association with the place.

You can also let the puppy watch as other dogs go through the grooming process so that they can know that it is something enjoyable that happens to their kind. Be sure to work with a groomer who has experience dealing with your dog’ breed. The expert will know what to do to make sure that the pup enjoys a pleasant experience.

How did your puppy’s first groom go!