How To Choose Dog Chews Your Furry Friend Is Sure To Love!

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If there’s one thing dogs like to do, it’s to chew! Dogs are literally born chewers. Should there be a chewing contest between every living thing alive on Earth right now, I’m pretty sure dogs will bag the top spot without much competition – either that or they come in second to rats.

Anyway, it’s a pretty obvious fact that dogs love to chew. They’d even chew your rad pair of Jordan’s the moment you look away – not that we’re hoping they would. Having a dog is both a blessing and a curse. Our cute, furry friends may be precious darlings most of the time but when their chewing rendezvous gets a little out of hand, it can be pretty darn frustrating – especially when they decide to relieve their “chewing inclinations” on something you absolutely love.

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To avoid having to deal with such trouble 99% of the time (I purposely left the 1% open for the brief periods of time they behave), why not get your dog something that is officially chewable? I’m not talking about an old stuffed doll or a tattered sock; I’m talking about real, chewy edibles. I’m telling you when dogs get a good taste of chew-heaven, they’d leave your sporty sneaks alone – for good!

Get your dog some real, meaty dog chews to satisfy their itchy teeth! And don’t just get them any dog chew. Get them something absolutely delicious to chew, they won’t settle for anything that tastes less ever again! Here’s how you can find the perfect dog chew for your cute pup:

Remember: Meaty is Tasty!

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Don’t get your hungry pet something that tastes like paper, oh please! Dogs are naturally carnivorous creatures (see reference). The love for meaty, juicy steaks is something they are born with – and no vegan meal can change that. So when choosing dog chews, be sure to pick one that’s just as savory and meaty as the real thing! If you’re worried about your little doggy’s protein diet, there are healthier options out there – and most of them are meat-flavored as well! There are definitely tons of options to choose from. Get your dog a flavor perfect for the furry creature’s palate. He’ll surely thank you by being a good pup. Let’s just hope it lasts for more than just a day, though!


Texture Is Also Important

Next, brittle treats won’t do. After all, they aren’t called dog chews for nothing! Dog chews are made particularly to satiate your dog’s appetite to chew. So, it goes without saying that the sweet treat you buy should be perfectly chew-worthy! Get something meaty and a little bit elastic. Indulge them with the challenge that comes with chewing by making it more difficult for them to pull their dog chew apart – not to the point that they’ll lose their teeth trying, though! Choose a nicely textured dog chew and your dog will never meddle with your belongings again!

Size Matters

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Dog chews need to be tasty, tough, and eye-catching – literally. They need to be very noticeable so that your dog’s attention gets fully occupied. Even if you say “Chew this; it’s delicious!” Your dog probably won’t get the message. But if you throw a massive chunk of tasty-looking meat in your dog’s direction, then they’ll definitely come running. If you want to leer their attention away from your stinky – I mean, spunky shoes – you should grab their attention with something more mesmerizing. So yes, size definitely matters in this case. And don’t worry about spoiling your dog’s diet or anything. Dog chews are made tougher than usual treats for the purpose of satisfying your dog’s playful yet sometimes destructive attitude. Your dog can’t eat it all in one sitting. He’ll probably tire himself out first before finishing the whole thing.

Go Crazy With Shapes

Dogs love treats that look attractive and yummy. Most dog chews, like Pawstruck – bully sticks, come in all shapes and sizes! Some of them are even made to look like actual food. The shape can really help grab your dog’s attention better. Find something that resembles your pup’s favorite dish – I’m sure he’ll love it!

What is your dog’s favourite chew?