The Benefits of a Raw Dog Food Diet

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Man’s best friend, our fluffy mates and members of the family, our dogs are extremely important to us and their well-being and health should be too. A raw food diet for your dog will feed them as nature intended to and can treat a whole host of health problems. Known as BARF (Biologically appropriate raw feeding), raw feeding gives dogs a diet that is appropriate for them and their digestive system, as they are able to break down raw meat and bone due to the lower PH of their stomach.


Many dog foods we buy from the supermarkets contain added ingredients such as sugars and meat derivatives that don’t offer any benefits to our pets, whereas raw food has an endless list of them. Here are many common benefits of feeding your dog a raw food diet:


Fresh breather and cleaner teeth

Meat on the bone can help improve the dental hygiene of your dog and reduce bad breath. Many dogs that are fed dry food suffer from bad breath and gum disease. This is because dogs have no amylase in their saliva, this means that many dry products promote the growth of bacteria as they can’t break down carbohydrate sugars in the mouth.


More relaxed behaviour

A raw food diet will provide your dog with a more stable source of energy throughout the day, meaning they are less hyperactive. Dry food is high in easily digested carbohydrates which can cause high blood sugar, leading to poor behaviour.


Improved coat condition

You will notice when you change your dog to a raw diet their coat will appear more shiny, thick and healthy. The protein and fresh fats work together to leave your dog with a luxurious coat!

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Healthy weight and muscle ratio

Dogs are able to live off a diet of pure protein, so removing a diet full of easily digested carbohydrates, sugars and chemicals will help your dog shed their weight and become healthy and strong. Raw protein helps not only their weigh and muscle function, but organs, skin, hair, and joints.


Less flatulence and harder stools

Flatulence is natural, but a raw food diet will reduce the amount as it is easier to digest for the stomach. It will also make your dog have harder stools that don’t smell as strong, making it easier to pick them up.


Help with allergies and underlying conditions

A raw food diet will reduce allergies and intolerances in your dog as they are eating a completely natural diet. It will also clear up and reduce some conditions, it has even been reported less medication has been needed for dogs suffering from diabetes and epilepsy. Inflammatory, skin and joint conditions are improved, and low-fat options can help with conditions such as colitis.

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Dry food is simply not natural and the many benefits that come along with a raw diet prove that this is how dogs should be fed to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible. A BARF diet will provide your dog with all the vital minerals, vitamins and proteins they need to be active and healthy, so you can be certain you are giving them the right nutrients for their bodies to utilise.


Kiezebrink UK provides a range of raw dog foods inspired by nature and use the best fresh ingredients available. Their products are frozen immediately after they are produced so all the natural nutrients are retained for your dog. Take a look at their selection of raw dog food and let your dog be the healthiest version of itself. Please get in touch with them if you have any questions about a BARF diet – they have a friendly team that would love to help!

Do you feed your dog a raw diet?

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  1. nice dogs & you shared true content with us thanks a lot

    • Always looking for the best care, food and ideas to keep our pets healthy and happy. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Raw mean raw meats.. Please explain

    • When we mean raw food instead of saying raw meats, is just another way to explain that what is consumed is raw. Second, I feed my dog raw carrots, raw apples and raw edamame beans which would be raw food as well! Hope that it explained it okay