Why do dogs need toys

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Now its true when we were wild dogs or hard working dogs, toys were really not an option for us, and that was just how it was back in those days..

However, now that we are domesticated and have become part of the family our role in hunting and working has changed to relaxing, eating and loving you.

It is this actual fact why we dogs need toys. It replaces the activities that we would have experienced as wild animals or hard-working dogs. The toys that you get us meet these needs and help us to remain fit, healthy and well-adjusted dogs. Also, it is a wonderful way to interact with you. It really pleases us when we can interact with you, a toy and play.

Why do dogs need toys and the different types of Dog Toys

There are a variety of toys out there for us dogs, chew, play, active, water, you name it and there is a perfect toy just for us.

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Activity Toys

The best thing about toys designed to be active is that it helps us stay fit and in good shape. We burn off calories and get the required active activity that we dogs need to stay healthy.

When you get involved with us in a healthy constructive play, it just a great relationship with us dogs. You can use these active toys to encourage our good behavior. They work great as a training tool. Why not start teaching us how to fetch or track?

Remember adult dogs need exercise so that our muscles, bones, and organs stay in tip-top shape. Also, active play helps keep us from being bored…and we all know what happens with a bored dog! I am going to seek my own entertainment which in your eyes seems destructive or attention seeking. Yes, it is attention seeking! I’m Bored!

Reward me toys

As a dog in your home we sometimes might have to spend time on our own and if we become bored we might do things that you probably will not like. Toys with embedded treats can sure keep us busy and stop the boredom. Something that we can play with can offer us enticing play. Another great reward toy is any that react by movement or make a great squeaky sound. Reward toys are great for keeping us dogs alert and challenged, especially if we are left to tend to ourself.


Why do I like squeaky toys?

Well first it’s interactive, it satisfies my natural chewing habit and keeps my mind active. When I bite down on my squeaky toy it gives me a pleasant relationship with the joy that I made something happen.

Some say…

why dogs like squeaky toys is the nature of the squeak. In the wild, an injured prey animal would emit similar squeaks and cries, thereby revealing its position and condition. Dogs with strong natural hunting instincts recognize the squeaks of a squeaky toy as the last cries of field mice, birds and other small prey. The noise generated by a rubber or plush variation on a prey animal can be just as satisfying to a dog.

Chew Chew and Chew

We dogs love to chew, it is how we experience the world through our mouth. We also need to chew for all different reasons.

As a puppy, I chewed to soothe my gums and loosen my puppy teeth. I also chewed to ease tension while I was learning to become a well-behaved dog. I must admit I chewed my owner’s favorite jeans, her glasses, her mobile, and even her digital camera. So I suggest that you should get your puppy something appropriate to chew on, for example:

As an adult dog, I still need to chew, I need it for my jaw muscles and its good for my gums too. It is also a nice way to spend time and it eases my boredom and makes me feel content.

Comfort Toys

I love my soft and cuddly toys. When my owner travels with me she always takes one of my favorite soft plush toys. Now I do know that all dogs are not so keen on these type of toys, but they are really fun to have in your doggie bed or to interact with your owner. They are a really soothing and calming, especially if you’re in a new surrounding.

As a puppy, my owner gave me a plush little rabbit, that I made sure was always in my crate with me. It eased the separation I had when I moved to New York away from my mum and my littermates.

Now as an adult, I like to pay hunt and kill games or catch and carry with some of my soft toys!

Why do I love to rip up my plush toys and release the squeaky inside?

why dogs need toys chew

Well, it is my favorite thing to do… There is nothing better than finding the weakest point in a soft cuddly soft toy with a squeaky and ripping it out! It’s smaller than me and you gave it to me and I think it’s the same as when you give me food. Thanks, Alfa dog! If you toss it to me, it’s even better!

Why would I do that… well, it is a natural instinct in me! I am basically mimicking the killing and tearing apart of a prey animal. It’s my inborn natural thing to do. Considering I am domesticated and I no longer need to hunt and kill I still retain this behavior deep in my DNA

If you don’t want your dog to chew up and tear apart his toys, there are ways to help it. The best way:

  • get them a toy that is harder to chew up, such as something made of thick rubber.
  • Another option is training, though this is not always as effective with all dogs.

Some dogs may respond to training, while others will not. Fixing excessive chewing will largely depend on the personality and breed of your dog. For me as a beagle, it never worked. It’s just too much fun and besides, there is nothing better than seeing your owner on all fours picking up the fluff!

What’s your dog’s favourite toy?