Wag Cool Things to Do in the UK With Your Dog

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Autumn is here and it’s the best time of year to explore the UK with your dog. The weather is cooler so your dog will feel comfortable, and with fewer summer crowds there is a more relaxed time to have dog wag cool fun. Here are a few great dog-friendly places and things to do to have some dog wagging fun.


Visit a Dog-Friendly London Attraction

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London has many outdoor places and most are happy to see your dog enjoying the views. As long as your dog is on a lead, under control, and you clean up after any dog deposits you both will be welcomed. You may be surprised at the types of places that allow dogs… I’ve been all over London with Maggie, including a walking haunted London tour last October. Also, Maggie insisted that she had to visit the Queen at Winsor Castle. Truefully I think she really wanted to meet and play with the Corgies.

Better yet, if you don’t feel like trekking, you can even check out the attractions via a luxury coach or vintage open top London bus tour. Both are dog-friendly and a great way to soak up the sights together.


Book a weekend on a Narrow Boat

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Love the water and hate travelling by road? Why not book a holiday on a dog-friendly Narrowboat. The UK has more canals than Vince. Built to move products throughout the UK during the industrial revolution, they offer a unique way to experience all of the countryside of the UK.

Just think, tucked in your floating home with your furry mate by your side as you cruise around the canal network and enjoying the sights. With the diversity of the canals, you have the means to plan the perfect seaworthy escape. With an endless amount of routes to discover, it will be easy to hop off and on and discover great walks and plenty of dog-friendly places to see and do and have a wag cool time exploring.

Engage and Join in Dog Sports

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This is the perfect time of year to start a sport with your dog. It’s great for both of you in getting fit and bonding. You could try agility, skydiving, carting, flying discs, field Trials or Competition obedience. It’s a great way to work as a team, meet other dog owners, and give your dog exercise and mental stimulation. Hey, you never know but you could become the next dog star team in the UK!


wag cool Bikejoring

Speaking of sports, another great idea while exploring the UK is by bike. Have a dog that likes to run and drags you around on all your walks? Bikejoring takes that trait and makes it a sport by having dogs pull you while you’re on a bike. Your dog will be healthier if it is allowed to exercise at its pace, and you are going to have an adventure everytime you do it.

Bikejoring has its risks like you falling off the bike so you are going to want to train on open trails and away from traffic. If you enjoy biking, then bikejoring is a great way of having fun and exciting time with your dogs. Just remember, the dogs determine what happens, so train them well for full wag cool experience.

Take a deluxe foodie weekend

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The best thing about the UK is that there are many dog-friendly places to stay. But did you know that there are places where you and your dog can be treated like royalty? Imagine staying in a stately estate or castle with exquisite food on the menu? Spend the day on beautiful walks, checking out the local fare and then head back to dine at your hotel while your dog gets pampered. Finish the night having a nightcap with your dog beside the fire after dinner is an end to a perfect day. A foodie weekend at the Ston Easton checks all the boxes, including letting your dog roam around the grounds with their dog host Oscar, while your sipping G and T’s before dinner. What’s not to like?

Walk on the Beach

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After the summer rush, a lot of beaches across the UK are open for dog business! There’s no excuse not to schedule a day out frolicking through the waves and sand. There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches around the UK that you could visit, including the Sandymouth in Cornwall and the Milford-on-Sea, in Hampshire. Just make sure that you keep an eye on the tide and for dangerous items lingering in the sand.

Get a little Culture

wag cool Scarborough Castle


Did you know that English Heritage and The National Trust both allow dogs at many of their properties? Why not enjoy Scarborough Castle which is over 3,000 years old. Beautifully located close to the beach and great walking trails where after Fido’s head is full of culture he can run free and loving living in the moment. Make sure you grab a photo of your dog visiting the ultimate historical dog house, I heard it’s best at sunset.


With Autumn at our door and colder months ahead, this is the time when we can amuse ourselves and our furry mates. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors because there are loads of things you can do with your dog which will create some great Instagram photos with your dog spending a wag cool time together exploring the UK in a very wag cool way.