Do Animals Give Emotional Support to People

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People who have dealt with mental or physical illness or injuries sometimes need a little extra support. Some days are worse than others, and sometimes they don’t have friends or family members close by who can help provide the extra assistance that they need. This is a major reason why more people have turned towards animals for emotional support.


Emotional support animals can be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional. More information on these animals can be found at CertaPet’s ESA Services and other websites. Here are a few important reasons why emotional support animals are important:


1. Animals are loving

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Any kind of pet gives and receives love from its owners. Animals can help us feel less alone at times. They always seem to know just how we feel. They are always there for us when we could use a little encouragement, or if we just need to see a friendly face looking back at us at the end of a long, stressful day. No matter what you’re going through in your life, that animal will give you unconditional love, comfort, and attention. You can’t break up with or divorce an emotional support animal…they are a true friend for the rest of their life.


2. They help reduce anxiety

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Studies have shown that by having a pet in your home, overall levels of stress and anxiety are reduced, and the mood is often greatly improved. Having an emotional support animal helps us forget about the things that were bothering us. A pet can be a great natural antidepressant! They give us something positive to focus on and devote our free time, instead of worrying about different things. Most of the things we fret over aren’t usually worth our time spent worrying about them, anyway.


3. They make us comfortable in public

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Emotional support animals are allowed in most office buildings, stores, restaurants, and even commercial airliners. For people who are uncomfortable dealing with other people in such public sites, these animals can help them feel more relaxed and at ease. They are also a great conversation starter. They can help make a potentially stressful event or situation become an easy and fun night out for everyone.


4. They help us meet new people

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Whether it’s in the office, at a doctor’s appointment, the dog park or at a support group meeting, emotional support animals are bound to be talked about wherever you go. While there are always some negative people, a support pet can be the focal point of a good conversation. You may make a new friend or two just by having your animal with you. Getting to meet more people is healthy. Once they know more about why you have an emotional support animal, they are typically more understanding and accommodating. You may even meet a few people who also have emotional support animals.


Do animals give emotional support to people? The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Animals who are raised in a caring and nurturing environment, learn love and affection at a young age and give that same energy and emotion to their owners. Talk to your counselor, therapist or physician if you are considering adopting an emotional support animal. Tell them if you have any allergies or other health concerns. Any pet that you bring into your home will definitely make a positive improvement in your life.

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