8 Healthiest Small Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed

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Having a dog around is always something pleasant, as they manage to make us smile and comfort us even when we have a bad day. But, seeing dog hair on the floor, upholstery, and clothes is something not very many people enjoy. Not to mention that there is a good number of people suffering from allergies triggered by dog hair. The solution, in this case, if you don’t want to clean up after your dog all the time, would be to direct your attention toward a small dog that doesn’t shed. This way, you eliminate the dog hair problem and get a dog that is more than great for living indoors.

1.     Maltese

 maltes small dog

When it comes to small dogs that don’t shed, the Maltese sheds the least, so no wonder it became such a popular dog in the past years. This is due to the fact that this dog lacks an undercoat, as most dogs have, having only one layer of hair that has a structure similar to human hair. Thus, you will rarely see hair coming from your Maltese on your carpets or furniture. Also, considering that the Maltese can grow a rather long coat, which can be difficult to manage, most owners choose to give their dogs a puppy cut, which makes things even easier.


2.     Bichon Frise

 small dog Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is another breed that barely sheds. Its soft and fluffy coat lacks an undercoat and if you will also opt for a short haircut, there will be no dog hair around your house. However, if you like your Frise to have a longer coat, you will have to groom it periodically, to keep it from getting tangled and to remove any dead hair. But, even so, the Frise will shed less than most dog breeds.


3.     Poodle

 small dog poodle

With a soft and hypoallergenic coat, the Poodle is definitely one of the most popular dog breeds. Used for centuries as a companion dog, the Poodle is extremely clever, has a pleasant and playful character, and enjoys spending time with its owner. It is also the kind of dog that almost never sheds, regardless if you like seeing it with a short or long coat. Still, giving your Poodle a periodic cut will prevent dust accumulations in its coat and will give your dog a more presentable appearing, saving yourself from grooming it too often.


4.     Chinese Crested

 Chinese Crested small dog

The Chinese Crested will certainly not shed, considering that it has a rather small amount of hair on its body. When it comes to this small dog breed, you can find two versions, the Hairless and powder-puff type. The Hairless Chinese Crested will have some hair on its head, the tip of the tail, and lower part of its feet, pretty much like some sort of socks, while the body remains hairless. The powder-puff will have hair on its body, but it will be a thin and soft layer that won’t shed. What’s interesting is that it is possible to find both types in one single litter. Thus, if you want to check out small puppies for sale from this breed, both the Hairless and powder-puff versions can be provided by the same pair of parents.


5.     Shih Tzu

 small dog Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu was a small dog breed that was highly appreciated by the royal families of ancient China and was often seen at the palace, keeping company to the queen and princesses. We have to admit that this dog still has a royal-like figure even in our days, having a particular beauty and pride that won’t go unnoticed. Its soft coat, which can grow down to the floor, doesn’t shed too much, especially when the right grooming routine is used. But, in case you are not in the mood to groom your Shih Tzu, a cute puppy cut will solve this matter for you.


6.     Coton de Tulear

 Coton de Tulear small dog

Most certainly you will love the adorable face and nature of this dog. The Coton de Tulear is a great companion dog, loving to follow its owner around the house or wherever you may want to go. So, yes, it is a type of dog that can get quite attached to its human and will do its best to make his life more enjoyable. This also means that there will be minimum dog hair in the house.


7.     Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer small dog 

With a distinct appearance, extrovert character, and moderate level of activity, the Miniature Schnauzer is a great small breed dog to have around. Its coat is rather coarse in comparison with other breeds, but this is precisely what keeps it from shedding. You will still need to groom it periodically and give it a nice trim, so your dog will look presentable all the time.


8.     Silky Terrier

 Silky Terrier small dog

This small dog breed has a similar appearance to the Yorkshire terrier, although they are two separate breeds and present some differences that set them apart. It is a bold dog, in spite of its small stature, which won’t hesitate to warn off strangers or enjoy a hike in the outdoors.


Now you know which small dog to look for in order to make sure that dog hair won’t be a problem in your home. All of the previously mentioned breeds are great, so all you need is to find the one that suits your preferences and lifestyle best.