LUFA-The Linked Up For Animals Platform

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The LUFA social media platform will help to advance the goals and objectives of animal welfare organizations across the United States and the world. Currently, there are no such platforms designed for this purpose in the country.

The platform will be a means in which information about animals can travel exponentially. We believe that information made available to larger numbers of individuals and organizations will result in more rapid responses to animals in need. This platform will be used by advocacy groups and nonprofits to extend the reach of their communication beyond their current email list or snail mail list.

Organizations who work with legislation will have access to a significant database of members who can sign petitions, call state legislators or take-action when necessary. Nonprofits will be able to do fundraising, announce events or share their successes. Animal lovers will use the site daily to post videos and stories about their favorite pet, access information, use to purchase animal products and services and to look for upcoming events (i.e., adoptions.)


The LUFA Platform will include:


1. National Membership Database – LUFA will amass a large membership database who will collectively work to support Animal Welfare Legislation from organizations like The Humane Society’s Legislative Fund or Best Friends. Individuals, families and nonprofits can register for free.


2. National Foster Care Directory – LUFA will create and maintain a foster care directory of certified foster care providers across the country. This directory will be utilized by animal rescue groups to identify available providers in their area.


3. The Wonderful World of Animals – LUFA will provide a site designed to create an interactive and educational experience of “all things animals” specifically targeting children ages 0-10. The ultimate goal of the site is to affect a generation of children by teaching them to care for and respect animals and therefore reducing the problems afflicting animals as these children grow into adulthood.


4. The Animal Sanctuary Directory – LUFA will create and maintain a list of animal sanctuaries from coast to coast, featuring these sanctuaries on the LUFA platform. We want to encourage people to visit sanctuaries during family vacations, on field trips or for adults who want something meaningful to do on weekends.


6. Animal Disaster Relief – LUFA will identify a nonprofit who will help to create a disaster relief model that can be utilized to save animals lives during natural disasters, or otherwise.


The Linked Up For Animals Foundation (TLUFAF) – Nonprofits will register on the Foundation’s website and can apply for funding such as equipment, projects, event planning or for salaries for fundraising staff.

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