Designing a Wag-Worthy Room for Dog

room for dog cover

Having a dog is the best thing that you could have especially when it comes to love and companionship. A dog makes the best cuddle buddy, not to mention how much their loyalty is guaranteed. Your dog is likely to invade every aspect of your life and that includes the space in your house. If you are looking for some order in your house so that, your dog doesn’t drive you crazy by taking over the whole house. It is a good idea to either find a room just for your dog, or a space in one your rooms that is designated just for Fido.  How about setting aside a playroom for your dog? That way you will be able to have a little more control with his movements and order in your home. It doesn’t need to be a whole room,  in fact, finding the best dog crate for small dogs will work just as great.  The following are tips on designing a wag-worthy room for your dog.

1. Find the ideal spot

Finding the perfect place for a dog’s room dependents on the use you intend it for… Is it for play or are you looking for a haven for your pup when you are not around? Also, you have probably observed the spots he is fond of around the house. Use your dog’s behavioral patterns to pick a spot just for him. If he loves to look through the window, a cozy spot with a view would be perfect. Maybe he likes to be in the center of the room where all the action is or perhaps cuddling up in a quiet corner is more his speed. Use that observation to find somewhere suitable to design a space for him.

2. Find a place you can easily monitor your dog

room for dog bed

You can never be too sure that the spot you pick offers maximum security. Will, your dog get access to unauthorized areas? Are there breakable things? You need to be sure that even while you are away, your dog will not cause harm to itself or lead to any destruction. Get rid of anything that poses a risk to your furry friend. A soft but sturdy dog bed will ease your pup’s pressure points by not sleeping on a hard surface. A quality dog bed or mat will help him feel safe, secure and comfy.

3. Fix a comfy sleeping spot for your pup!

It does not matter how much you have accessorized his room. Your dog will always be looking for a good spot to nap. You might want to get him a comfortable sleeping spot in the designated space. Most dogs, including your dog, usually prefer an enclosed sleeping space like a crate or an indoor dog house. Also, depending on his preferences, some may prefer a little music and or background sounds to feel comfortable, especially when alone. Remember that dogs require a lot of sleep, especially if they have been active during a long walk or playing with other dogs.

4. Get him some toys

room for dog toy

You cannot afford not to have a great collection of toys for your dog. Dogs enjoy playing. You will not be available all the time, and they will need something to keep them busy and ward off boredom. It is also a great way of enhancing your dog’s mental and physical health. While selecting toys for your dog, ensure that they do not pose a threat to the dog and are suited for your dog’s age. Avoid toys that they can easily swallow. A chew toy would be ideal as it will keep him busy all day in your absence. You might also want to try an activity toy: dogs tend to get really fascinated by them and can keep them occupied for hours!

5. Feeding bowl and mat

Once your dog gets used to his room or space, he will be comfortable doing most of his activities from there. That could also include eating. Your dog’s room is a perfect place to keep his, feeding bowl, water, and a mat. Remember to stay stylish and creative, there are so many stylish options to choose from these days. It is advisable to have a glass or stainless steel feeding bowl as they are less likely to attract bacteria if kept clean. A matt will be useful in controlling the tidiness of the room and save your floor from stains.

Regardless of whether your dog has its own room or you have created a space in one of your own rooms, you need to take care of it and make it as homely as possible. It will go a long way in helping your dog feel content, and you can easily be able to train him to enjoy his own special little spot that he can call his own.


  1. Interesting tips for creating a room or area for your dog. Having 2 dogs of my own, this is useful information.

    • Thanks Cherie, I am always trying to keep my house in order and it works when my dog has a little spot of her own.

  2. Great tips! Thanks Cherie