How Does Your Dog’s Attention Change Over Time?

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Getting a brand new puppy can be an exciting time. You are acquiring a lifelong mate,companion, and friend that will trust you and obey for without hesitation. It won’t be long before that puppy is so attached to your heart string that the mere thought of losing him or her will draw tears to your eyes. This is where most pet owners go wrong. They automatically make the assumption that their pets are going to outlive them. This might be the case in an ideal world, but unfortunately dogs age much faster than humans and they tend to die off before you have lived out the rest of your life. This is why it is important to learn to spot and diagnose behavioral changes as your four-legged friend ages.

When your dog ages…

More Boisterous

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As your dog ages and grows older, you are going to notice that he or she become more boisterous. Now many pet owners might associate this with a positive side because it means that their pet is still full of spunk and energy. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. When your dog becomes more vocal in his older age it could mean that he or she is disoriented due to cognitive dysfunction. In fact, he or she might very well become deaf. It could also be a representation of pain for decay hip and leg joints. A good thorough examine by a qualified vet will determine which condition is true and there are a number of anxiety medications that can help keep him quiet.

Waking Up During the Night

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When hearing and vision starts to go this is going to be accompanied by sleep loss orfrequent urination breaks in the home. This is because older dogs react tosmall noises that wouldn’t previously elicit a response. The best and foremostthing that you can do is to try to wear them out during the day. Take them formultiple walks, get them excited, or hire a professional sitter to take themfor scheduled walks.

There are medications available that can help your dog sleep, but this should really be a last resort. Whether you are buying pitbull and bulldog phone cases or you are trying to get your dog to sleep, you want to make sure that you are doing the proper research. The aforementioned website offers a number of products that are constructed of high-quality materials and can really help the overall appearance of your beloved pet.

Growing More Anxious

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Anxiety is a serious mental condition that many people are diagnosed with. However, it is even more serious when your dog is diagnosed with this condition. And, this is because it creates a propensity to attack. Anxiety in dogs usually results in the notion to strike out at unfamiliar pets or guests. When anxiety reaches its peak your pet will probably refuse to eat when you are not present, which can be extremely troubling if you are trying to hold down a full-time job. This is why it is best to get your friend acquainted with a professional sitter orwalker.

What changes have you seen since your dog ages?

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