Which Are The Best Clippers For Dogs?

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Dog grooming is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your beloved pet remains clean and healthy as well as improve her comfort at all times. Apart from preventing illness and parasite infestation, grooming also creates a closer and stronger bond between you and your dog. To achieve the best results it is always advisable to do it yourself, so as to cut down on expenses and also take care of your dog your way. If you are the kind that wants your dog to remain ever tidy and envious, you should be armed with a set of dog grooming tools such as shears toolkit, a comb, and a clipper. To ensure that you do it the right way it is important to educate yourself on dog grooming techniques and tools. 

Are Dog’s Haircuts Really Necessary?

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For everyone who loves their pets, the answer to this question is probably, yes. Just as we would like to look good and standout of the crown, our dogs too deserve to look good and lovable. Over and above the good looks and nice smell, your dog deserves fresh and comfortable. Thick and heavy dog coats make them uncomfortable and dull. It is also a hiding place for parasites, which put the health of your dog at risk. For this reasons all dog owners should create some time to care for the faithful friend and this is achievable with only a set of quality dog clippers.

Grooming your dog by yourself is cost-effective, especially during a hard economic situation but professional clippers are recommended to get the job done owing to the following reason:

  • More accuracy and closer shave.
  • No overheating issues.
  • A wide variety of blades to choose from.
  • Longer lifespan and warranty period.

How to Choose the Right Dog Clippers

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You can find all sorts of dog clippers in any pet store depending on the type you are looking for and your budget. To avoid the confusion and end up buying substandard and expensive for nothing clippers, it always helps to do your research online or consult a professional groomer for advice on the best clippers for the breed of your dog. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer as to which is the best clippers for dog grooming.

Although the tools vary in terms of quality, speed, and efficiency, your choice will highly depend on your pet’s breed and your grooming needs. Dog clipping needs can be categorised into the following three levels:

  • Basic Level – If you just want to keep your dog neat by trimming patches of stray fur, a kit of cheap domestic clippers will work.
  • Medium Level – If your aim is to maintain an even and good looking coat before the scheduled visit to the groomer, you can work with a moderately expensive clipper with a variety of blades to choose from depending on the coat you want to maintain on your dog’s body.
  • Professional LevelIf you have taken up the task of trimming and grooming your dog, aprofessional-style clipper with several blades and more than one speed will benecessary.

When PurchasingProfessional Dog Clippers

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Most electric dog clippers work using almost the same mechanism, and if used skilfully they could achieve the same result. However, they are different from each other and these differences mean a lot to your dog grooming experience. One of the major physical differences is that some clippers use rechargeable batteries, while others must be plugged in. Some other important aspects that you need to consider include:

  • Rotary Speed per Minute – Professional dog clippers are single-speed which is lighter and more user-friendly. It is ideal for novice users with a single breed of dogs. The variable-speed clippers on the other hand are suitable foradvanced groomers to groom multiple breeds. It is also useful when you need a perfect finish on the dog’s coat. It is important to note the variable-speedclippers offers a higher speed but also heats up more quickly than thesingle-speed.
  • Heating, Vibration and Noise – Though powerful dog clippers work perfectly even on a coarse coat, they are not always the best choice as the extra strengths are accompanied by uncomfortable noise, high vibration and blades heating up. You should choose a blade that cuts your dog’s coat smoothly but produces the leastnoise and low vibration to make the grooming experience easier for you and yourdog.
  • Weight and Size – small and light dog clippers makes it easier and faster to cut around the body with minimal wrist fatigue. However, you will feel vibration the more especially if you go for the light and powerful clipper.
  • Blades Compatibility– Blades come in different sizes and types depending on the type of coat you are working on and the kind of cut you want to achieve. If you are cutting a long coat, you may require using multiple blades to achieve the desired cut. Some brands of dog clippers can use different blades universally while others are blade-specific, so it is critically important to choose the right blade.
  • Price – As the case when you are buying any accessories, even with dog clippers price matters. The goal should be to get the clippers that meet all your requirements at the best deal. You can shop around and comparethe features and prices offered at different stores to land the best deal.
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All the above factors are supposed to guide you to buying the best clippers for your dog. It is very important to know a dog’s coat type. You can learn this from a professional groomer so that you can choose the tool that gives you both you and the dog a fun grooming experience. It is also recommended to start grooming your dog asearly as possible to get your puppy used to it. to start grooming your dog as early as possible to get your puppy used to it.

Some of the best professional dog clippers in the market today include:

✓     Andis Super AGR+ Vet Pak

✓     Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional

✓     Andis Excel 5-Speed Clippers

✓     Oster A5 2-Speed Professional Clippers

✓     Andis Excel 5-Speed Clippers

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