Planning Paw-fectly Safe Winter Travel With Your Pup

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Last year, over 4.5 million people in the UK headed overseas during the Christmas holidays. If you’re one of the millions of people who plan to travel overseas or even domestically this winter, you’ll benefit from arming yourself with a few winter travel safety tips that will ensure a happy holiday for you and your furry best friend.

Pick The Right Type Of Transportation

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As your pup’s parent, you’ll likely understand how comfortable they are in a car, train or airplane. Try to aim for choosing places that are either easily accessible with a pet in stow, or that are pet-friendly and not anxiety-inducing. If you’re going to fly, begin the process by checking with the airline to see what their pet policy is. If you’re going internationally, your pup might even need their own passport! However, there are actually a lot of great vacation spots within the UK that might be a great opportunity to explore the open road with your dog. If you’re choosing this route, be sure you’ve packed everybody’s essentials, including your dog’s, as they’ll need food, water and their favourite toy on hand for the journey.

Abide By All Travel Safety Warnings

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Getting your dog vaccinated for any international travel will be important, as will updating their chip or dog tag with emergency contacts. However, if you’re going to opt for road travel, you’ll want to ensure your car is properly equipped to handle the terrain. As snow is a risk in the winter months, it’s recommended to invest in snow chains, heavy blankets in case of emergency and a new car battery and brakes to ensure your car is safe. Always check that your insurance is up to date before any travel by car, and if you plan on travelling long distances, it might be worth investing in pet insurance. Some plans even include coverage if your pet strays away during the holiday or manages to get lost.

Stay In Pet-Friendly Accommodation

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Half of the fun of travelling is getting to stay in fancy hotels, down-to-earth bed, and breakfasts, or unique Airbnbs that exude style and taste. When travelling with a pet, this can actually make the experience much more exciting, and booking accommodation that caters to your pet will make the holiday even more special. Most Airbnb, hotels and hostels will post their pet policy online, which you can view before making a reservation. Or, you can do a quick search on some of the cosiest pet-friendly places to stay in the UK and get inspired before your trip.

‘Tis The Season

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Road-tripping across the UK or jet-setting off to tropical islands during the winter months are great ways to bond as a family as well as with your dog. Ensure you’ve planned out your holiday beforehand to allow for any special arrangements you might need to make in order to make your dog feel just as at home as you will. From choosing the right mode of transport to ensuring your car is safe and that you’ve got a dog-friendly place to lay your head when you arrive, you and your dog will be thankful you thought of it all.

What are your winter travel tips?