5 Japanese Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart

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Aptly said ‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself’. Their unconditional love and loyalty make them the best creatures existing on this planet and every pet lover will agree! There are about 340 breeds recognized by the world governing body of dog breeds, Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). And out of these, the most cutest and fluffiest dog breeds can be found in Japan. Yes, you read it right, Japanese dogs are beautiful!

If anytime soon you are planning to adopt or own a pet, especially a dog, then do not miss out considering the below mentioned 5 dog breeds originating from Japan that will make you go ‘AWW’!

Our Favourite Japanese Dogs

1. Akita Inu- Obedient, Independent and Strong

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  • Akita Inus are highly popular and one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.
  • This breed originates from the Northern region of Japan. And Japanese consider Akita Inu as an excellent guard for the fact that this territorial breed is cautious around strangers.
  • There are two very distinctive variations of Akita. Apart from Japanese ‘Akita Inu’ there is an ‘American Inu’ as well.
  • They have a special affection towards kids.
  • Akita Inu stands about 61 to 71 centimeters tall (24-28 inches).
  • Talking about their weight, this breed can weigh anywhere from 32 to 45 kilograms (about 70 to 100 pounds).
  • They have a large bone structure and a bear-like face. The Japanese Akita can be brindle, red, sesame, fawn, or pure white, but must have urajiro markings.
  • Akita Inus are dominant dogs, however, very good with children.

2. Japanese Chin- Intelligent and Alert

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  • Chin in Japanese means ‘to perform a lot of tricks’ and this is what this breed loves doing the most. The popular ‘chin spin’ in which they spin in circles rapidly is quite popular making them a classic entertainer.
  • Classified as alert, independent and highly intelligent, this toy breed is a great companion and amazing for therapy.
  • Also, sometimes referred to as ‘Japanese Spaniel’.
  • What makes Japanese Chin unique is their crossed eyes called strabismus which is nature’s gift to them. 
  • While most dog breeds have two coats- the over and under, Japanese Chin has got only an undercoat. It takes nearly 2 years to fully grow out which is either black and white or red and white.
  • This fluffy cute ball weighs less than 10 pounds with a height of 8-11 inches.
  • Life expectancy is about 10-12 years.

3. Shiba Inu- Bold in Spirit and Good Natured

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  • One of the most popular dog breeds originating from Japan in the world. Probably, Japan’s national treasure.
  • This famous breed is capable of producing ‘shiba scream’ which is horrifying. This occurs when they are extremely happy or distressed.
  • They are quite independent and tend to get along with cats.
  • They weigh about 7 to 10 kilograms (around 16 to 22 pounds).
  • Shiba Inus stand up to 32 to 46 centimeters high (12 to 18 inches).
  • You are going to witness small pointy ears and a curled tail in this breed. Shiba Inus are territorial, proud and independent with a wedge-shaped snout.

4. Japanese Terrier- Cheerful, Lively and Playful

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  • Also referred to as Nippon Terrier, this dog breed was discovered through the breeding of fox terriers and other Japanese dog breeds.
  • Intended for the purpose of being pets, these dogs are perfect for the family. They are excellent lap dogs.
  • Japanese terriers would weigh about 2 to 4 kgs ( roughly about 5 to 9 pounds).
  • They can easily be around 20 to 33 cms tall (i.e around 8 to 13 inches).
  • Japanese terriers have got a black face and a white body with tails usually docked.
  • This breed is sensitive yet playful and often make great companion dogs.
  • These dogs are believed to be rare even in Japan.

5. Japanese Spitz- Kind, Loyal and Family-Oriented



  • This is a cute, cuddly small companion dog breed that comes from the Spitz family of dogs.
  • They are generally viewed as companion dogs.
  • Japanese Spitz has got immense love for their owners and nobody can ever question their loyalty.
  • Also regarded as great watchdogs for families, their undying devotion is unmatched.
  • These are very closely related to white Pomeranians and the American Eskimo dogs.
  • Height- 30 to 38 centimeters high (12 to 15 inches)
  • Weight- Roughly 5 to 10 kilograms (11 to 20 pounds)

Aren’t these just dog breeds just adorable! Perhaps, some of the best things can sometimes fit into a small package also. What are your favourite Japanese dogs?

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