Spend Less On Dog Food Without Compromising Proper Nutrition

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Our Dogs may be the best companion that we could ever ask for but taking care of them can be expensive.  Different breeds and sizes require different diets which suit them and provides them with proper nutrition.

Just spending your money on the most expensive brand does not mean your dog is getting more nutrition. However, you can save your wallet and still ensure that your furry friend is getting the nutrition it needs.

It is a good idea to talk to your vet and find out what food would suit your dog best. Educating yourself about pet nutrition is a great start to understanding how you can budget on pet food.

 You can also talk with other shoppers, you may be surprised to find how much they know to feed your dog with the best food without harming your wallet.

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Compare Brands And Find The Best Deal

Every good shopper must have a keen eye. Look at the ingredients of different brands, often a less famous brand provides the same quality ingredients at a lower price. You can also check the brand’s website, Twitter or Facebook page for coupons, free samples or sales.

Be Treated For Your Loyalty

If you can subscribe to a rewards program and buy regularly from a store, many stores will provide discounts for dog food. The food will be delivered to your doorstep and this will also save you from lugging around huge food bags. Remember to subscribe using a different e-mail if you want to avoid filling your inbox with spam.

Sales, Coupons & Rebates

Keep an eye out for the best deals throughout the year and buy more at a low price. You can also look out for online coupons and save a lot on dog food. Often new dog food companies will offer free samples to boost popularity. Take advantage of them and use the extra money you saved to go on a trip with your dog and enjoy the bonding time.

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Go Wholesale

Buying food in bulk will save on costs, many stores offer discounts on larger food packs. However, if you are reluctant to carry huge bags of food, you may shop online so that is delivered to you. If you live in a rural area, check the farm supply stores. They offer bulk food with the same ingredients at best bargain prices.

Homemade Treats

Cooking food at home is the best option to save on food. This also ensures that you know what goes into your dog’s food.  Search online for easy dog food recipes and your furry friend will no doubt appreciate your efforts.

Don’t Overfeed

Often times we don’t realize that we may be giving our dogs more food than they need.  You might want to check if your dog is overweight. Consult your vet on your dog’s daily requirements. Overfeeding can lead to health problems in the future and add to your bills. Make sure your dog eats enough and gets plenty of exercises to stay healthy.

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Shop Online

If you want to buy high-quality specialty foods, shopping online is your best way. Such food may not be available at grocery stores or chain shops. You can also save on shipping costs if you buy in bulk. Many online stores offer free shipping so be sure to grab such opportunities. Online shopping is also helpful if you live in a rural area.

Buy Better, Not Cheaper

It is important that you remember to keep quality over cheap deals. Often cheap food contain poor quality ingredients which may become a health hazard in the long run. This will only increase your vet bills and do more harm than good. Therefore look at the ingredients and compare the nutrition values of different brands. You can check out some of the dog food recommendations by Well Pet Coach and read their reviews thoroughly before making a decision. A little caution will go a long way to lengthen your dog’s life.

Visit Your Local Butcher

You can ask your local butcher or the meat section of grocery stores for scraps. Scraps are going to be thrown away anyway so you can instead use them for dog food. They cost basically nothing and provide a great option to recycle wasted meat.

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Cooked or Raw?

Switching to a raw food diet is one of the most economical ways to go. You can save meat portions for your dog and add fresh vegetables and fruits to bring variety. Check up on the raw food diet to see if it is suitable for your furry companion.

Discounted Gift Cards

Many grocery stores offer gift cards at discount rates. You can use these cards to buy pet food. You can also give these cards as a gift to fellow dog owners!

Look Before Buying

Coupons are often given inside or on the food packaging so be sure to check the packaging before buying and throwing it away in order to avail them.

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Ask The Vet

Many manufacturers send free food samples and coupons to the vet office. Just ask your vet about them and they would be happy to oblige.


Buying food can be a tough business but a smart approach and a sharper sense can make it infinitely easier. Though it is a good idea to budget on pet food, try not to deprive your pet of a good, healthy meal.

A cheap meal may be an easy fix now but may affect your dog’s health down the line. Visit your vet regularly so that you know your dog is getting what it needs. Because at the end of the day our dog is part of our family and we wouldn’t want them to get sick.

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  1. I love that you included a trip to your butcher. When I was really young I lived in Germany. I used to love going to the butcher shop and getting beef liver and heart for my dogs. What a treat it was for them!