The Ultimate Dog Bucket List: 13 New Pursuits and Goals For 2019

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So, here we are, Christmas, New Year and most of January is behind us already. Mind you, your resolve is strong, and you are still determined to put an active spin on the remaining 11 months for you and your dog. What can you do that you didn’t do last year? Well, just for a second, let’s have some fun wondering what your hound would include on their annual bucket list if you let them… We know for sure that most dogs would choose an ‘all-you-can raid’ on the local butcher’s shop or a fast race up the beach with their friends. Well, this year why don’t we give them a helping hand by trying one new super-task per month with, a bonus 13th wild card in the mix for good measure.

Dog bucket list 2019

Check out this epic dog bucket list rustled up by Canine Cottages – it features a whole bunch of crazy, and fun pursuits to enjoy with your dearest and best. This cornucopia of awesome activities features some creative enterprises that have become so popular amongst pet owners in the last few years. Dogs generally love a game that results in getting a treat at the end and these tasks are great ways to have a new experience with your furry mate.

A Few Dog Bucket List Ideas

Doga (dog yoga)

dog bucket list yoga

Try your hand and paws at doga; teach your mutt how to do the downward dog pose and transcend all Earthly concerns when you take your companionship to another bonding level.

Canine freestyle

Is there anything cooler than a dancing dog? Head to a canine freestyle class to teach your dog some serious moves and offer them some mental stimulation too.


dog bucket list painting

This one could get a little messy but will result in a lovely piece of art and memento of your dog. Simply paint their paws and set them loose on the canvas!

And here are ten more insane activities including: doggy play-dates, doggy dancing, a spring meadow sprint, a mad game of frisbee, have a civilised picnic, be a fish and swim in the sea, learn some new tricks, bake some dog treats, hide in the autumn leaves, unwrap a Christmas pressie, and celebrate your birthday with a big cake!

If you and your dog feel like a challenge in 2019, then download and print your personal copy of the Dog Bucket List to keep track of your pet’s progression over his/her year here. There is a new activity to try each, as well as wag cool extra ideas to make your year together paw-some!

What’s on your dog bucket list?

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