7 Interesting Ways Of Playing With Your New Kitten

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If you are a cat person, then games involving playing with your kitten can be both expensive and challenging for you. Here are seven exciting budget-friendly games that you can play with your kitten. These kitty games are not only super exciting, but they are very easy to set up as well in no time!

Games to keep your kitten busy

1. Interactive puzzle

For such a game, all you will require is an old shoebox, favorite toys of your kitten and some playful treats. You can carve out holes of different sizes into the shoebox by using an X-Acto knife. After that, you can get some of your kitten’s toys, catnip, and few treats and put into the shoebox. Your final step will be to put down the box next to your kitten on the ground. Enjoy watching how she loves playing with all the free and exciting goodies inside!

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2. Feather and String

It is one of the most preferred and exciting games by the cat lovers for their favorite kittens. It is a perfect game involving a lot of fun and energy for cats. You will need a toy wand for this game. Either purchase it from a store or create a DIY rod with the help of a stick, bell, string or feather. You need to play by waving the wand just above the head of your kitty. This will urge her to jump high and quickly get hold of the flying feather or bell.

You may even spice up the game a little by your sweet tricks with your kitten and watch her enjoying it. When you pull the wand away from your kitten’s view, she will try pouncing at it under the furniture or around corners. Before you set up the game, you need to ensure that the room is an open one. This will provide enough space for your kitten to bounce around and run. You will never want your pet kitten to jump on your valuables and ruin them during the play!

3. Fetch

You may be thinking that this game is just restricted to dogs. But it is not so. Fetch is very much a kitten’s game as it is for a dog. Such kinds of games exploit the instinct of your kitten or dog to catch prey. You can start playing fetch with your cat by throwing catnip tagged with toys on the floor. For that, you need to ensure to get a toy which will be easy for you to toss across the floor.

The toy you choose should also be easy for your kitten to hold in her mouth. This game starts getting funnier when your pet kitty runs after the toy to get it in her hold. She chases by giving cute little kicks using her hind legs and ultimately seizes her prize. You will be left surprised to find how every time your kitty friend gets back to you with her toy! Encourage and support such efforts made by your kitten by petting her, praising or giving little treats.

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4. Hide-and-Seek

This comes under those kinds of games which can be played not only with animals but also among humans. Such games will reveal the predatory side of your pet kitten. You are allowed to play this game inside your house, like behind a desk or couch or a bed. You are the one to hide behind such objects and let your kitty seek you as her prey!

5. Paper Bag

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way of enjoying a day with your kitten, go for this fantastic option! For this game, you do not require any fancy high invested game set-ups. You need no three level scratching poles to enjoy with your kitty. Get hold of a brown, empty shopping bag and turn it quickly into your kitty’s toy. After you get your backpack ready, lay it on one side to make it easier for your kitten to crawl inside. Now you can start scratching the hands of the bag and also poke. You will see how your kitten begins to bat at every movement and sounds coming from inside.

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6. Tablet Games

Why should just adults enjoy technology passing games? Let your kitty enjoy all those thousands of games available on your tablet if you own one. The easy access to all these games will make it even easier for your kitty to enjoy. There are the top three ways to get the excitement started.

The app that has exclusive features for kitty games is Games for Cats. It is even available for free on iPads. There are three different types of games available on this app for your kitten. The game which is available for free is the laser game. This particular game displays a red laser light that keeps bouncing to get the attention of your kitty. There are two more games available on this app, but unfortunately, they require the complete version of the app. The full version costs around $1.99. The other two games are also more or less same like the laser light game, except for some additional features. They feature a butterfly or a mouse for the cat to chase instead of the red laser light. On upgrading the game, you can also control the mouse or the pointer from your I Phone.

7. Crumpled Paper

Won’t you be happy to find out the simplest playing object for your kitten? What else can work best than crumpled paper! All you need to do is crush a used piece of paper in the shape of a ball for rolling across the floor. Your kitty will love chasing the ball all around the room as the crumpled paper ball makes a sound on moving. Remember to put away the ball after play to save your floor from paper litter by your kitty!

If you find any difficulty in your fur baby and he acts differently than usual, games might not work. Come over to Pharr Road Animal Hospital for an extensive checkup to find out how he’s doing. Soon, you’d be back playing like nothing ever happened!

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