Love Your Pet Day – With A little Extra Attention

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How much do you love your furry friend? Ahead of ‘Love Your Pet Day’, a National Day held on 20th February, thousands of animal owners will be showing their pet just how much they love them by showering them with gifts on this special day.

Whether you own a cat, dog, rabbit or tortoise, this is the day you can pamper your pet and give them the extra attention they deserve. From buying treats to getting a new outfit, social media will be swamped with posts of our furry friends, and there may even be some familiar faces.

Influencers Dress Their Pets

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To celebrate National ‘Love Your Pet Day’ several influencers have claimed they will be going one step further and will dress their pet this year.

A recent survey conducted by Savile Row Company, who tailor formal shirts for men, found that 65% of UK dog owners consider their dog to be more like a ‘member of the family’ and 15% described their dog as ‘like a child’. These results show dressing your pet is normal, so why not treat your pet to some new clothes this year?

Alison, owner of Bun the Sausage Dog, says: “We dress Bun in clothes for warmth, that’s how it started anyway! We have a large amount of practical coats, jackets, and waterproofs plus some cosy jumpers and a PJ onesie!

We probably spend about £100-120 on Bun’s clothes ourselves, but we have been lucky enough to be gifted about £200-250 worth of coats and additional sets.”

‘Love Your Pet Day’ is the perfect occasion to thank your pet for all they do and show them they are part of the family. Many dog influencers and their owners, such as Bun the Sausage Dog, Layla, Puggy Smalls and Oakley, say they often buy their pet new clothes and suggest others do the same.

Meet Puggy

Nick, owner of Puggy Smalls, said: “The main reason for dressing my dog up is to keep warm or cool, but I choose stylish on topic brands to dress him in. This, in turn, helps me take him to places that are maybe less dog-friendly as he’s dressed as one of them. His outfits also create an individual character that can be portrayed on his social media accounts @thepuggysmalls creating a relatability to his audience.

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Puggy Smalls enjoys the attention and everything he wears fits well and is comfortable. I never dress him in anything that causes distress. He enjoys a hoodie in the winter and is happy wearing lightweight items. He has over 100 items, mostly hoodies, and hats, with a few costume pieces, however at home, he wears his birthday suit.”

Celebrate With Matching Outfits

Results from the same survey discovered 44% of UK dog owners would wear a matching outfit to their dog, so why not really treat your pet this year and buy you both new clothes?

Nick, owner of Puggy Smalls, said: “Puggy Smalls is better dressed than me. Puggy and I are rarely apart so matching elements of our outfits makes sense, and brings joy to people when they meet us, knowing we come as a package.

You see peer groups dress alike, mirroring each other even if it’s not on purpose – a dog is your best friend, if you’re going to buy dog wear (that’s not just for a Christmas card) it’s going to be influenced by the human’s taste.”

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Alison, owner of Bun the Sausage Dog, adds: “I would match all of our outfits if I could! We share our homes, food, love and (in our case) bed with the dog. Dogs are our best friends and who doesn’t want to match with their bestie? I would also love to get some matching accessories!”

Show your love for your little furry friend this February and spoil them with their very own piece of clothing. You could maybe even get a matching one for yourself!

Love Your Pet Day

Held on 20th February ‘Love Your Pet Day’ is a holiday set aside for owners to appreciate their pets. Created to give pets some extra attention, the day celebrates your special relationship and reminds owners to pamper their lifelong friend.

So why not take part this year and treat your pet? From an extra-long walk to a brand-new coat, spoil your pet this ‘Love Your Pet Day’ and don’t forget to post a photo on social media, however, you decide to celebrate!