9 Tips On How to Pet Proof Furniture

pet proof furniture cover

Each pet owner understands how difficult it can be keeping furniture nice when you have a pet around. Don’t lock your dog in the bedroom or wrap your couch up in plastic. Just select furniture that can hold up to your pet!

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1. Consider fabric


When selecting chairs, sofas, and couches for your living room, consider stain-resistant fabrics. Some great choices are Crypton and Ultrasuede (a cruelty-free microfiber suede alternative). They are easy to clean and stain-resistant.


Good choices also are cruelty-free pleather or leather. They are easy to clean and durable, and usually, only suffer from minor scratches or your dog’s nails (especially if they are kept well-trimmed). Those scratches also add some patina, and for many homeowners that is a desirable effect.


2. Carefully select your decor


Use machine-washable bedding in your bedroom and purchase washable covers to use on your throw pillows. Be sure that your throw blankets are also washable, and not made out of materials that easily attract hair.


3. Color Makes A Big Difference

adorable-animal-furniture bed

If your pet happens to have white fur, then you should avoid darker fabrics, since they will need to be cleaned more often. On the other hand, if your dog has dark hair then avoid light-colored furniture. If you buy fabrics that are highly washable, then pet fur will not be as much of a concern. You may also want to consider multicolored, complex patterns so that hair won’t be as likely to show.


4. Carpet options


Choose easily replaceable or machine-washable area rugs in areas where your dog relaxes on a regular basis. If you have tile or hardwood flooring that is even better. Since odors are absorbed by carpet and it traps everything your pet brings into the house (or excretes), your home will start to smell fairly fast. Even if you have carpets already, adding area rugs can help since they are easier to replace if the odors or stains are excessive.


5. Keep items out of reach from your pets


If your pet likes to pull food from the table whenever you turn your back, choose kitchen solutions to keep things out of reach. Small dogs (and many bigger breeds) can be deterred by a tall table and stools. If your cat jumps onto the table from another area, block the area or take away the temptation by adding some decoration or sturdy plant that cannot be knocked over by your cat.


6. Make your house indestructible


That might not be really possible, however pets, especially younger ones, most likely will rough-house. Be sure your furniture is all stable and choose rounded edges instead of pointed ones. You don’t have to completely avoid glass, but your coffee table needs to be sturdy enough to remain upright if it gets jumped on or bumped into. Hang photos or artwork high enough so that it will not be bumped if your pet leans against or jumps on them (be care of the ones that hang over your couch).


7. Use small pieces as blockers


Small furniture pieces like ottomans may be used for blocking off areas that you don’t want your pet to wader into (such as close to a breakable vase). It is much less likely for your breakables to be knocked over if your dog cannot easily stray into the are.


They are great distractors as well, especially for older or small animals. Why climb up to the couch if there is a cozy footrest right there?


8. Keep things inexpensive


There are many options for very beautiful and sleek furniture that is affordable. Ikea and a lot of superstores (like Target) carry attractive, high-quality options that are a lot easier on your wallet if a ruined item needs to be replaced.


9. Give your pet his own space

furniture pet space

Purchase nice scratching posts and pet beds that look fabulous with your decor, and then encourage your cat or dog to use them. A post that is spiked with catnip is going to be more attractive to your cat than a couch for scratching. A strategically placed pet bed, where your dog or cat is able to be near or see their favorite humans, still can be beautiful and will not detract from the design of your home.

Do you let your dog on your furniture?