What are and How much are Cane Corso Puppies?

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Big, strong, and striking powerful, the Cane Corso, otherwise known as the Italian Mastiff, is a breed that is hard to miss! Cane Corso puppies could be the perfect for choice for your family.

As this wonderful breed continues to shed its false reputation for aggression, so its popularity increases. People are discovering what a warm, happy and playful breed the Cane Corso is, and more and more people are looking for that perfect puppy for sale, at the right price of course!

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Why do some Cane Corso puppies cost more than others?

Prices do vary, depending on where you look, the quality of the blood lines, and the level of care that has gone into raising the Cane Corso puppy.

A range from £1000 – £2500 on average would be considered reasonable, and it is possible to find an even cheaper Cane Corso, but this will likely be without paperwork, and you must be certain you are not dealing with an irresponsible breeder when finding a cheap Cane Corso.

But with papers, and from a healthy bloodline, with parents with proven health results, you can expect to pay well over £1000. Remember a lot of effort goes into breeding, and a higher price often means you are getting a better raised, and superior quality, pup.

Cane Corso puppy

How much is a Red or Blue Cane Corso?

Black, brindle, grey, and fawn are the most common Cane Corso colours, but there are rarer colours, that dedicated Cane Corso lovers are keen to find. Red is considered a specialist colour, and a brighter variety of grey is known as the blue Cane Corso.

But here is one trick you can look out for. Though slightly rarer, don’t be fooled into thinking a blue or a red Cane Corso puppy is unique. At most a pup should be priced just a little higher than an equivalent puppy with say a black coat.

How much is a Show Line Puppy?

The amount naturally increases for Cane Corso dogs with superior pedigrees. A top-quality dog with exceptional blood lines, containing show winners and champions generally starts at £2,500, and for the very top dog level, have been known to go as high as £8,500.

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But when seeing the price, and being told you are choosing a show quality Cane Corso, you need to make certain that this really is what you are getting. You can assure yourself by doing the following…

Ask the breeder to show proof that the puppy/litter is kennel club registered.

Ask if the papers/pedigree will be supplied with the puppy. And ask to see them before.
Ask to see the puppy’s parents, and to see their health reports and pedigree.

How much does it cost to own a Cane Corso?

There is no doubt about it, the Cane Corso puppies grow into big dogs.

Big dog = big cost of food!

Expect to fork out quite a bit more than you would for a smaller breed. And as they are quite an energetic breed, they burn off the calories quick, so you need to ensure they are well fed.


A real bonus though, is the Cane Corso is generally a healthy breed, with fewer troubles than the average breed. So an average vet cost is lower than most other breeds, but regular check-ups and vaccinations are still required. Choosing a puppy from a professional breeder with a good record, and excellent blood lines further reduce the chance of serious health issues like hip dysplasia occurring in the future.


And finally…


Is a Cane Corso puppy worth the price tag?


When faced with a likely 4 figure price up front, it is a question that needs to be taken seriously. But remember this, that price is a one-off amount, for what we hope is over a decade of happiness!


The Cane Corso, as every owner would tell you, is such a happy, fun, playful, loyal and dedicated dog. From a professional protector to a constant companion, the Cane Corso is a diverse breed, with so much to bring to your home. You may need to fork out a fair amount of food and snacks to feed this big beast, but they will give back so much to your life in return!

Have you ever considered a Cane Corso Puppy?