Find the Best Home Away From Home for Your Dog

A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. An item is disposable. A dog is not. An idea doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is more significant than any “thing” you can ever own. If your heart doesn’t melt with Elizabeth Parker’s lines, you are really in need of a pet.

Having a pet is not just about adding another member to your family. Just like how each member of your family help you shape the better version of yourself, a pet evolves you in the same way, especially a dog. There is a reason why they are called a man’s best friend.

They are the champions when it comes to providing the unconditional love to their last breath. No matter you feel happy, sad, anxious, or merely bored. A dog can lift your mood and make your day. Dogs are not our whole life. True. But they can make our lives whole.

Why are dogs the best thing you can ever have?

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It is not just about their behaviour, personality, appearance, and the fact that no one on this earth can love you more than your dog can. It is medically proven that having a dog around you can lower your trip to the clinic.

There are more benefits down the lane if you know this.

  • Health – Having a pet as a dog helps you to be fit. Your immune system remains healthy, and you have less chance of heart attack, high cholesterol, and lower blood pressure. You are be taking him out on a walk and play with him throughout the day. Thus decreasing the chances of you being stagnant.
  • Mental health – Dogs lower the chances of depression and anxiety. Your mood is always in a good spirit. And can help you recover from trauma.
  • Entertainment – You days is filled with fun and energy. They can make you laugh even on a hard day. If you live alone, they are the Christmas miracle you have been waiting for.

How can you take care of them?

You know your dog loves you. But what about you?  The only way you can show your eternal love to them is by taking care of them in the friendliest way.

Your dog needs vaccination. Dogs are also at the risk of various diseases like rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. Giving them the required vaccines is necessary. Talk to your vet about it.

A portion of proper dog food is mandatory for growing puppies. If you want to give a quality life to your dog, a properly balanced diet is a must. And remember, no matter how much puppy face your dog makes, there are food items that react the opposite as it does to humans. Therefore, keep your food and plate separate.

Start his potty training as early as possible and always look out for any sign of illness. Lethargy, red eyes, pale gums, and wheezing are a direct sign of disease.

Socialize your dog more often. Take them out for a stroll, because lack of socialization skills can develop aggression towards people and animals. They need to be in the habit of having people around them, vehicles, and other animals which help them build their behaviour.

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How to take care of dogs, even in your absence?

No matter how much you love your dog; there are times when you have to stay apart. Whether it is as small as going to the office or travelling abroad, your dog requires constant care. You can’t depend on your neighbours or family. The best possible can be to find a friendly pet sitter, who can take care of your love when you are not present. Buckhead paw is your saviour.

They are not just another friendly pet care shop. From walking to overnight sitting, you can help in every possible way you can.

Buckhead paws have a fixed price, which starts at $25 per visit. It doesn’t matter how many pets you have or that you have a long weekend night. They have fixed the price according to the service with no add on. The prices of your services can be decided from the call and if you don’t find the matching service you need. You can always ask of customization.

  • Daily Dog Walks – People like me, who lives along and does more than a regular 9 to 5 hours job, knows how hard it is to give your dog a routine. Getting him potty trained was the hardest. Due to heavy work, it can be impossible to show all your affection. Buckhead fills the gap and doesn’t work according to the time but according to the need of the dog.
  • Vacation Sitting – You can leave your dog in the house. The staff will look for you, feed him, play with him, and show him the love he needed with no time limit.
  • Overnight Sitting – Going out for the weekend or business trip? Buckhead can give all the snuggles he wants. From 8:00 pm to 7:00 am, your dog will not be alone.
  • Cat sitting – Who says that only dog has paws, Cats are fun on their own. Just like any dog, cats will have equal love as their enemy counterpart has.
  • Pet Sitting By Hour – You don’t need to have an explanation in this one. Choose your hour and give them a call. They are just a call away.

In the End

If you have never loved a dog before, you are missing a lot. They don’t judge, and they are never moody, they can love you, protect you, and instantly make your world a happy place.

Just as they can make your world a better place, it is a great honour to return the same. They deserve our endless time and affection. Even if your world falls apart, they will still be there for you. If they can do it, why not us?


Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

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