Should You Feed Your Pet Insect Based Dog Food?

Insect based dog food

We, pet lovers, we always look for ways to care better for our little furry friends. After all, if not us, then who else would shoulder the responsibility of looking after their adorable little paws and playful little ears?

The way we see it, pets are just a sweet and fleeting part of our lives. But in the eyes of our pets, we are their lives – literally. They spend their meowy or doggy years with us faithfully and they would love us to their very last breath. The least we can do to repay the favour is to make sure that they live long and amazing lives filled with joy and happiness.

In order to make sure that they get to experience such a life, you first need to watch their health. You may think that a dog’s anatomy shouldn’t differ by far from humans since we’re all mammals anyway but they are. They really are (read more). And what you think will do them good because it does you good may have an opposite effect on them. Do you get my point here?

One example is their daily diet.

We often give dogs a part of our food because we don’t like to see them look so sorry for not eating what we’re eating. They would often give us those puppy dog eyes and you can’t help but say yes to their plea for a bite. So we really do give them a bite. This cycle of events will happen over and over again until your pet gets the wrong idea and learns that “begging for food” enables him to get what he wants.

Sooner than later, he turns out obese thanks to this irregular eating pattern.

You see, human food is not really suitable for animals – canines, especially. The salt and sugar our food contains can really affect a dog’s diet negatively. This is why food exclusively formulated for canines exist. Dog food, as we call it, is created to contain all the right minerals and vitamins dogs need to remain healthy. This includes protein which is a crucial part of their diet. Most dog food would come in three flavours: Pork, Chicken, and Beef. Some people remain dubious, however. They are worried that synthetic meat is used to create such food for their pets.

Not that there isn’t a cause for worry.

There have been such cases in the past so there’s a reason why pet owners are more vigilant when it comes to such things these days. If you’re quite the cynic yourself, don’t worry – I have the perfect solution for you.

Why not try insect-based dog food?

What Is Insect-based Dog Food?

Insect Based Dog Food doctor

Did you know that in Thailand, crickets are considered a delicacy? They even have all sorts of recipes for it – maybe even a cookbook about it. Of course, these crickets are cultured so they’re clean and they do pretty well on the protein department which is why they are used as a staple for so many dishes.

Okay. So, why am I telling you all this just before dinner?

Don’t worry; I wasn’t planning to ruin your appetite – intentionally. The point I’m driving in is that insects are an excellent source of protein not just for human consumers but animal consumers as well. This is why some genius thought of making insect based dog food.

Insects are far more numerous than pigs and cows. They also proliferate in large numbers so you don’t have to worry about extinction issues. If cultured right, insects can provide us with the protein and nutrients we need to have energy. This goes the same way for our cute little doggies too.

If you’re worried about synthetic meat being used to create dog food, then why not opt for insect-based brands? You can be 100% sure that they’re naturally made for their price. After all, insects cost way less than red or white meat. It will also give your pet the right amount of protein he needs to stay as lively as ever! You may also want to check out other recent pet food advancements here:

Invest in your canine’s health and he can live out his days with you longer. Because it is with you that they are happiest!

Have you ever fed your dog insect based dog food?



Photo by Mike Burke on Unsplash