Choosing The Best Dog Shampoo For Your Pet

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Dogs may ruin your shoes, but they will never break your heart.

I heard this line somewhere before and it just stuck to me. I mean, our furry pets can be a real pain at times, but you can never deny the fact that they’re also oozing of sweetness. If you really think about it, maybe they like chewing your shoes because they smell like you – I’m not implying that you smell like feet though.

What I’m trying to say is that you are your dog’s human and it is natural for him to love every bit of you – no matter how smelly or nasty it is. And when you love something, you tend to get a bit carried away. Maybe that’s why they always end up toying with your favourite pair of sneakers. No matter what their doggy reasons are, however, one thing is for sure:

dog shampoo and shoe

No pair of shoes in the world can replace their love for you so I think they only deserve every bit of love in return.

You can start showing your affection to your little pet by making sure that he is always taken care of. As a pet owner, there are roughly three things that you need to worry about:

  1. Your pet’s diet
  2. Their exercise
  3. Their hygiene

You may think that keeping a pet is no big deal, especially when it’s “just a dog” but you should know that a lot of hard work is put into raising a healthy pet. Your dog’s diet, for example, should only consist of food that is naturally healthy for them. And no, human food will not always do them good. Food products that we normally eat are high in sugar, salt, or fat – all of which are not exactly suited for dogs. This is why many animal experts advise pet owners to refrain from giving human food to dogs and other such pets. Animal food exists for a reason and more often than not, it’s to keep your adorable little friends healthy.

Next, there’s also physical exercise to worry about. While flabby dogs are very cute and cuddly, that extra fat will definitely hurt them in the long run so it would be best to shed them off with exercise. Dogs that are caged or leashed often become very obese. Overweight pets are prone to heart and other lifestyle diseases much like humans, so you really need to be careful with your pet’s weight. While they look very adorable with all those extra layers of fat, it’s not going to do them good so always have them do ample exercise.

Lastly, we have hygiene.

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It is a well-known fact that animals, canines especially, know how to clean themselves. When you see your dog licking himself, it’s not because he’s hungry. That’s his own way of cleaning his fur. However, we have to assist with their physical upkeep as well. After all, there is only so much they can do and there are many opportunities to get dirty when they’re out to play. You have to make sure that their ears are clean, nails are cut, and their fur is unsoiled. You have to give them regular baths as well, twice a month (with a 15-day interval) at the very least.

Also, it would be best for them if you use pet shampoo. Using human shampoo on dog fur may give the opposite effect. Instead of enriching their coat, you may end up ruining it entirely. After all, human hair and pet fur is very different from each other. This is the very reason why there is such a thing as dog shampoo. If you don’t know what things to consider when buying one, here are a couple of tips:

  1. Choose Green

If you want your pet to be healthy inside and out, you have to start with choosing healthier products for them. For their diet, you can start switching to vegan protein or insect-based dog food instead of lab-synthesized protein food. For shampoo, you can switch to green and natural products instead of using cheap but hazardous chemicals. Green products are also environment-friendly, so you give the world a favour as well by going green with your pet shampoo. Save the world one bath at a time and always find the best dog shampoo when you shop!

  1. Pick Mild Scents

Dogs have pretty sensitive noses so you can only imagine their agony when you bathe them in strong-smelling shampoo. Pick natural and mild scents for your dogs. The goal, after all, is to make them clean – not make them smell like a Victoria Secret model.

  1. Make Sure You Get It At A Good Price

Lastly, as a pet owner, you have to make a lot of things fit into your pet budget so you should be a wise spender as well. Don’t just buy whatever looks good in the animal store. Compare not just products but prices as well. If there’s a good brand on sale, stock up. Anyway, your pet has many needs so it would do you good if you’re smart about budgeting.

What is your favourite dog shampoo?