7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Fit

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Dogs may look like tough nuts but in reality, are extremely vulnerable creatures. Pet owners might find themselves in a fix with their beloved dogs.

They may end up making their dogs overeat which results in health complications. The dogs may gain too much weight and become obese which will severely harm their heart.

To avoid dietary problems, here are a few tips for an owner to keep their dog healthy.

1. Balanced Diet

Like humans, dogs also need a balanced meal consisting of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and other fibre. Owners should take note not to give excess food to their dogs.

Instead, they should give small quantities of all dietary to maintain their dog’s weight.

2. Checking the Dog’s Feces

This may sound disgusting but a pet owner must familiarize themselves with their dog’s faeces. Normal faeces will come out like brown logs implying the pet is healthy.

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A large volume of smelly faeces indicates the dog is overeating while liquidy ones mean the dog has been eating a lot of trash or junk food. Pet owners should check their dog’s faeces on a regular basis to note any discrepancies in their pet’s bodies.

3. Low Residue Food

Low residue dog diet can make bowel movements much easier. Owners should check for food with at least 80 percent digestibility so that their dogs can have better pancreas health and does not end up with constipation.


These low residue food usually have healthy oils and digestible animal proteins which can improve a dog’s health.

4. Exercising the Dogs

Dogs need exercise just like humans. Pet owners should walk their dogs regularly to keep their dogs at a healthy weight range. Not only does the dog stay fit and healthy but walking is also a great way for owners to bond with their pets.

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5. Health Checkups

It is important for owners to take their dogs to the vet at least once a year. Some underlying health problems are difficult to identify and hence, the vet can help in diagnosing these. This can prevent the dog from developing serious illnesses.

6. Hydration is Mandatory

Dehydration can also cause dogs to become constipated and make them fall ill. Dehydration can cause dry mouth and kidney problems in dogs. Owners should regularly make their dogs drink water and keep their pets hydrated.

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7. Boot camps for Dogs

There are some boot camps which train the dogs to do workouts and also provide behaviour training. The strict routine does not only make them more obedient but also makes them conscious of the food they eat.


The dogs and their owners will be involved in sports and exercise clubs which will not only keep both of them healthy but also deepen their bond.

Final Thoughts

The owners are entrusted with the responsibility to keep their dogs healthy. Simply feeding and playing with dogs will not keep them hale and hearty.

They need regular care and proper nutrition in order to function normally. The owners must take the initiative to give their dogs a proper upbringing and take care of their pet’s needs.

This will result in a happy and healthy life for both the owner and the dog.

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  1. About exercising dogs, juat an advice, if it’s rainy season, you can just let him walk/run on a dog treadmill.

    • A doggy approved treadmill can work very well. Just make sure that you supervise your pup’s work out while he is on the treadmill.