How to Make the Most Effective Lost Dog Poster

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A lost dog brings panic, stress and tears to any dog lover. The panic when you first realize that Fido is nowhere to be found. Even with all the new tech, apps, and chips that owners now use to keep track of their dog, sometimes they are not enough. Also, the longer your dog is running free, there is a bigger chance that something could happen to your furry pup.

If your pet ever goes missing, you are going to want to find him as quickly as possible. And your first step is to let people know that your pet is lost and get the word out to the community. Posting an effective lost dog flyer is a key part of getting everyone aware. Luckily a good clear poster about your missing pup can be made and produced as quickly as a day.

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The Poster

Your poster printing should start with a bright eye-catching background. Bright bold background colour will help capture people’s eyes and will make them take notice of what is on the poster.  A small white A4 piece of paper can get lost in the scope of other signs while your bright poster will stand out.

A poster size of 22” x 28” or larger with large eye-grabbing font in black will get your lost dog flyer noticed.

A good missing pet poster includes some specific information about you and your pet, as well as a straightforward format that presents the information clearly.

Lost Dog Poster Details

Keep your description brief and to the point. Remember most people skim read, especially when walking or driving past a sign.

  • Start with big bold letters of “Help Find” “Missing Dog” or “Lost Dog”
  • A brief description of your pet (e.g. breed, colour, sex)
  • Add Specific visual details (collar colour or feature marking)
  • Pet name
  •  Your contact information

Remember, create your lost dog’s description as accurately as you can, but not too detailed. Think if you only had 10 seconds to describe your dog’s features, what words would you use.

lost dog details

The Photo

The photo needs to be clear and focused on your dog. It should also reflect on how your dog looks now. If you just recently groomed your dog into a short buzz, which is not usual for their breed it’s important to show how he looks when he went missing. Remember when people are passing by, especially drivers, they commonly have just a few seconds to clearly see your sign and photo.

Protect Your Lost Pet Poster

Make sure your poster will survive the elements. Best to get them laminated when you order also securing them with clear packaging tape too will keep them protected.

Reward or No Reward

The decision to include a reward is ultimately up to you. However, research shows, that appealing to people who are out there and genuinely want to help will as oppose to people looking for rewards.

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Best Place to Post

Once you have your poster made, the next step is to place your posters in the best spots to raise the most awareness possible.

  • Posters should be put into a radius of 1-3 miles from where your pet went missing
  • Identify the major intersections from where your pet went missing. Intersections are good, due to this is where people stop to cross the street as well as where cars stop.
  • Another great place is to post on major streets that people in the neighbourhood frequent. A popular corner shop is a good location for example.

The goal is to increase exposure to your posters. You will likely raise more awareness by focusing on locations where people stop. A bus stop is a great example.

Do you have any tips to add? Please do, in a comment below!

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