Polar bear, seal, shark: Angel’s many alter egos

angel gr

I’ve often looked at my pets and seen their resemblance to some other creature or object.

My imagination is wild and my pets are comedians who present many opportunities to see these likenesses.

My senior dog, Angel has been beside me for just over two years and her playful husky/shepherd nature makes my mind wander further.

I’ve written before about when she sleeps in her big dog beds, her head drapes over the edges like a slice of cheddar melting down over the crust of a grilled cheese.

One day she was sitting in the main thoroughfare in my house with her rear end to the side and her front paws facing forward. I stared at her thinking that her posture looked like a seal sitting.

angel as a seal

Sure enough, a quick internet search for images of seals sitting revealed one that matched her posture.

Side by side the images made me laugh. I shared them on social media and responses matched my laughter.

Several times I’ve snapped images of just her forehead, eyes and large upright ears peeking at me over the top of my ottoman, windowsills and through the backdoor window. I studied her sturdy ear shapes and realized they look like shark dorsal fins sticking up out of water.

Sharks circle when they see something in the water. They do so to get a better view. Angel poses with her ears upright behind my ottoman when she sees me eating a snack.

An online search for sharks with fins sticking out of water presented me with images that looked like Angel’s erect ears.

angel shark ears

On social media I paired these images of her tall ears with dorsal fins and laughter came forth.

One day I saw an image of Sesame Street puppet Snuffleupagus and noticed the similarity to Angel. A front view of him, a side view – both images of Snuffy matched images I had taken of Angel.

I shared the photos on social media and people laughed once again.

Sure, Angel’s husky/shepherd blend makes her naturally resemble a wolf or coyote. But one day on a car ride with her, I took a photo from under her as she stood tall in my vehicle. Her neck was outstretched and she resembled a polar bear. I laughed when I found a similar image on the internet of a polar bear with an outstretched neck. I shared it on social media for more laughs.

angel polar bear look

The number one creature that Angel looks like and acts like is a mountain goat, which merits a separate story to come. She has a Facebook page I created (@goatangel/) that is devoted to her goat/Angel comparisons. There I post photos of mountain goats beside images of Angel and the likeness is uncanny.

Thanks to social media, I know I’m not alone in imagining my pets looking like other objects or creatures. I’ve seen posts of comparisons including: Shih Tzus and Ewoks, American Pit Bull Terriers and seals, Chow Chows and brown bears, Labradoodles and fried chicken, Oriental Shorthair cats and elves, Corgi butts and a slice of white bread, and the wrinkled backs of Shar-Pei puppies and ice cream twist cones. I’ve also seen that orange tabby cats curled up look like croissants, a cat lying with its paws tucked under looks like a loaf of bread, and a close-up image of a dog’s nose looks like an alien.

People commonly say that cat toes resemble jelly beans. In comparison, I’ve written a story describing how chubby dog toes look like chocolates individually wrapped in furry cups.

Pets bring us joy every day. Imagine what your pets look like and share the laughter.

as a snuffa



Tracy Ahrens is a veteran journalist, author, artist and mom to three rescued cats and one dog. See her web site at www.tracyahrens.weebly.com and add her children’s book, “Sammy Sparrow’s First Flight,” to your collection. All proceeds help 7 humane organizations.