Top 7 Amazing Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

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Having a pet dog is one of the best things in life. They make us happy. They give us joy. They turn us up when we’re feeling down. They inspire us. Dogs are a source of unconditional love.

And because they do these things to us, we also want to reciprocate. We treat them as a family and we want to make them happy and healthy all the time.

But there are days when they’re not feeling good too. Canine rehabilitation specialists recommend giving our pets time, attention, and proper care to keep them healthy.

Well, unlike humans, your furry friends are easier to cheer up! Check out these amazing ways to make your dog happy:

1.      Have a Dance Party

Yes, your dog will enjoy it too, as much as you enjoy having a dance party with your friends! Dogs love to socialize. They love to play, run around, and hang out with other dogs and human companions.  Organize a small dance party with your pet-lover friends. Make sure to stuff plenty of pet toys, snacks, and treats. And don’t forget the music! It’s going to be a fun bonding moment between you and your loved pet.

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2.      Buy Him a New Collar

He may not be able to say it to you in words, but your furry friend appreciates everything you give him – from the toys to the treats, especially that collar he wore the first time. However, it could be too fit already to a point that it’s already giving your dog pain and discomfort. Maybe now is the best time to buy him a new collar! Huskies, retrievers and collies are very playful and tend to put their collars to more abuse than toy breeds. Make sure to choose a sturdy, comfortable collar for your dog if he’s a very active one.


3.      Monitor Their Health

Wondering if your dog is really doing all right? Being his human parent, you have the responsibility of looking after your pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. A huge aspect of monitoring your pet’s health is getting to know what’s normal for him. For instance, if your dog is usually a greedy eater, you should sense that something is wrong if he suddenly refuses to eat. Regularly take your pet to a holistic veterinarian. This person is capable of treating a condition, rather than the symptoms of a condition. Holistic vets also provide stress-reduction therapies for dogs, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutraceuticals which are all safe and effective in maintaining their good health.

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4.      Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

Dogs can get easily used to a certain toy and might feel bored over time. Rotating your dog’s toys can be beneficial for both you and your dog. You get to reduce clutter, and your dog will have something interesting to play with at a certain time. Change out the toys weekly. Keep those that won’t be used until the following week.


5.      Learn How to Give a Dog Massage

Massage can be very relaxing and therapeutic for your dog, whether he’s just a pup or an adult one. Begin with petting strokes for several minutes and then briskly rub large muscles with the heel of your hand. Gently squeeze muscles, as if you’re kneading.

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6.      Give Your Dog a Job

Most pet dogs spend their day doing nothing, so they get bored easily. An easy way to keep them happy, healthy and active is to give them a regular task! It can be getting the newspaper every morning, picking up their bowls after they eat, or baby-sitting new puppies in the house. Dogs like to have jobs. It’s like playtime for them!


7.      Teach Your Dog How to Relax

Not all dogs have a wired ability to relax. Techniques that work best in teaching dogs to relax include giving them adequate exercise (they need an outlet to release excess energy), rewarding low-key behavior, and performing food projects. By the way, you can also give your pet an antioxidant herbal tea.


Well, unlike humans, your furry friends are easier to cheer up! Try these tips and you will surely have a healthy, happy and grateful dog!


Braedon McLeod on Unsplash

Braedon McLeod on Unsplash

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