How to Raise a Happy Dog

For dog lovers, there is almost nothing so exciting as welcoming a new puppy into their homes and family. However, any experienced dog owner will tell you that this is not only fun and games. It requires a great deal of responsibility, as well as a lot of time and energy to mould that adorable bundle of energy into a good canine citizen.

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A healthy dog is a happy dog

As soon as you get the puppy, regardless of the source, you should take your new family member to the vet. Specialists recommend avoiding puppy mills and suggest owners get their dogs from shelters or reliable breeders.

Actually, it is even better to do your homework before bringing your dog home. Find a good veterinarian and make the first appointment. Some vets also recommend taking a quarter-sized stool specimen for internal parasites examination.

Moreover, it is important to take your dog to regular exams. Make sure you do not miss any appointment because your dog might require certain vaccines and treatments at specific times.

Also, if you notice that your canine friend is not feeling well, or shows any sign of sickness, contact your vet immediately. Dogs are not like people, they cannot tell you that something hurts. Therefore, it is up to you to notice these things and help him or her recover as quickly as possible.


Many activities

Dogs have a lot of energy, especially when they are puppies and young. They like to play and have things to do. You need to make sure that your beloved friend has the necessary amount of activities in order to keep his or her mind occupied. First of all, you should take him or her for daily walks.

If you live in a house and your dog stays in the yard, you do not have to walk outside for the physical necessities. However, it is still important to take your pet for a daily walk in the neighbourhood.

From time to time, you should change the usual route and even change the pace to keep things more interesting. Besides the usual walks, it is also important to engage in play activities with your pet. You can teach your dog obedience and play various games.

Furthermore, different breeds are known to have special traits, and you should also consider this aspect. If the breed is known for being good at hunting, for example, playing fetch is an excellent idea.

Also, if there are times in the day when your canine friend has to stay home alone, make sure that you leave toys. If dogs get bored, they will find things to do, and some of them may not be what you approve of. The market is full of interactive dog toys, so you have a lot of options.

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Social interaction

Social interaction is not only important for humans, but for dogs too. That is why it is recommended to take your pet to the local dog park where he or she can meet up and play with others of his or her own.

You will see that there are ways in which your dog plays with other dogs, and you will never be able to replicate these. Moreover, dogs that are more socially active are less prone to aggression.


Chewing and dental care

Dogs love to chew. Actually, they need to chew, and even more so when they are puppies. If you do not provide them with what they need, they will destroy your things. We cannot tell for sure, but probably there aren’t too many dog owners that can say that their pet did not chew at least one shoe.

There are plenty of chewing sticks and toys on the market, so, again, you have where to choose from. Consider this aspect that is essential as part of their dental care as well. If you are not sure how to deal with this situation, your vet will tell you exactly what needs to be done.



This is an essential aspect you need to pay much attention to. Besides the food, you need to make sure that your dog consumes all the necessary nutrients and minerals he or she needs. The food should be purchased from an authorized pet store.

Also, depending on the breed or even health issues, you might need to provide extra compounds. There is plenty of information on the internet and materials such as this article where various products are described and you can select the one you think is more appropriate. You can also ask your vet about this, as well.

Do you have a happy dog?

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