Reasons To Buy Your Pet A Cute, Little Dog Bed

little dog bed cover

Having a cute little pet waiting for you at home is one of the best feelings ever. You may not be too lucky in love and life but having that adorable little creature look so excited as soon as you crank the door open makes everything instantly better. It make you think how you’ve probably done something really, really well in your past life to deserve such adoration.

Needless to say, you would want to reciprocate the same amount of love and loyalty your pet gives you. If that pet of yours happen to have four legs, a body coated in fur and a scruffy little nose, then we may just have the perfect present for him. Your adorable bow-wow will surely appreciate this simple yet cozy gift: A little dog bed.

Dogs are the cutest little members of the kingdom Animalia, don’t you agree? Well, you’d probably only disagree if you’re a big fan of the feline family. The expression “fighting like cats and dogs” certainly applies to their respective owners. When dog lovers and cat lovers fight; they really take it personally. I personally prefer canines and I think you do too. Otherwise, you won’t be lurking around this side of the internet.

One other thing your attendance here today tells me is that you’re looking for a real treat for the valiant soldier guarding your home. And as I mentioned earlier, I think that the best present for them (especially since Christmas is so near) is a brand new, fluffy bed! After all, brave and noble, four-legged knights need their rest too. Here are a few BUT really major reasons why we think a little dog bed is a perfect gift for your beloved pet this Christmas (or any other occasion for that matter):

dog with no bed

Your Pet Wait For You For Long Hours

When you’re at work and you live alone, there’s really no one to keep your dog company. Although it is a sad thought to think about, a day in our life may mean weeks for them (check this out). A canine’s life is much shorter than humans, after all. Seriously, if someone could please invent some pill or something that’ll make them live just as long as us, I would definitely go through various lengths to afford my little pup one. It’s just amazing to think of the possibility of growing old with your pet. I don’t even need to get myself a husband if that were the case – just kidding.

Anyway, the long wait at home can feel pretty lonely. There isn’t much to do, after all. Aside from the bowl of food you leave for your pet, which probably gets finished as soon as you walk out that door, they can only entertain themselves so much. So if you’re wondering why you’re little doggy friend is fond of making a mess while you’re away, it’s probably because they’re bored out of their minds. Plus, they also miss you lots and lots! A cute doggy bed will, at the very least, make your pet’s sleep more comfortable. While waiting for you, maybe this cottony-soft crib will become his new hangout. Now, how adorable would that be?

Reduce Or Get Rid Of Pet Hair On Your Own Bed

If your pet comes to warm up to the idea of having his own bed, he might leave yours alone for food. Well, it might sound a little lonely now that I say it. Dog cuddles are the best, after all! However, I bet you won’t argue with me when I say that pet hair on bed linen is also a big pain in the neck, especially when you have the type of dog that sheds like crazy. If you have children at home, or if you have a sensitive nose yourself, having pet hair all over your bed will eventually take a toll on your body. Having to vacuum or send your linens to the cleaners every three days or so is just too much of a hassle, don’t you think?

Instead of just shooing the poor little fella away, how about you find a dog bed perfect just for him? I’m pretty sure he’d appreciate it, especially with how comfy manufacturers make dog beds these days. Try to get just the right size for your dog so the fabric snuggles up to his body. This way, it would feel just like your embrace and he won’t be lonely anymore!

More Reasons For Him To Leave The Couch Alone

little dog bed sofa

What’s with dogs and sofas, huh? It’s a common pun, right? If it’s not shoes, it’s couches. Dogs love to gnaw on sofas, probably because the textile and the foam relieve their teething gums perfectly. Also, they probably find the bounciness rather playful, as if the sofa is playing with them back. But while you want them to have as much fun as they want with the couch, you certainly can’t keep buying couches. That simply incurs too much expense! Not to mention, when you’ve found a sofa you’ve fallen in love with, it’s hard to find any other replacement.

A doggy bed will at least satisfy your pet’s craving for an inanimate playmate. At the very least, he can confine his destructive instincts to his own belongings! I don’t think I have to point this out to you but it seems to me that doggy beds are much cheaper than sofas. You’ll definitely have less heartache.

photo credit: Photo by Robert Larsson on Unsplash