Advice for Long term Canine Dental Health

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To keep your dog’s teeth clean, get a vet to see your dog regularly. Listen to what the doc has to say and follow his advice as well.

Next, brush your dog’s teeth after every meal. Remember to provide a balanced diet that keeps teeth and gums healthy.

Polish your dog’s teeth with mouthwash on a cloth at least once a day. After that, get your dog chew toys to keep their teeth strong. The safest dog chews are the way to go. Get a few so that your dog can pick favourites.

Finally, play fetch with your dog with an apple. It’s really good for the dog’s teeth. The apple won’t harm your dog, either. If you don’t have apples use another fruit or vegetable that is small and thick to bite into.


The Perfect Dental Plan In Order

This is the perfect plan to keep your dog’s teeth healthy with the least amount of effort. Furthermore, the plan increases your dog’s lifespan and gives him more personality.

1.              Practice All The Tips From Early Age

Get a dog as a puppy so that you can train it early. This first piece of advice is the most important tip of all to ensure long-run dental health. So, adopt a street puppy and get all the necessary papers in order.

2.              Accept That Your Dog Is a Dirty Animal

Your dog is a dirty animal. But so what?

3.              Eat With Your Dog

Know what your dog eats by eating at the same time. Also, eat dog-friendly food. It’s a good discipline that will save your dentist bills.

4.              Go Out With Your Dog

Dogs pick up rotten things when left alone. Go out with your dog every time. It’s best for both of your health. Pick grassy locations. They chew on it and it’s good for them.

5.              Get Your Dog A Vet

You have a doctor, right? Why shouldn’t your dog? The extra cost is worth it. And don’t go just for teeth. Instead, get the full check-up regularly.

6.              Get Your Dog A Chew Toy

Chew toys are good for your dog’s teeth. It keeps their teeth strong and healthy. And the dog will love it. Wash the toy now and then to get rid of some of the bacteria.

7.              Wash Your Dog Regularly

Dirty dogs are bad for your family. Also, people seem to avoid dirty dogs. And neglect will go against this step by step procedure for long-term dental health.

8.              Condition Your Dog To be Teeth Intelligent

You need access to the dog’s teeth. For that, the dog must know how to behave with its teeth from instinct. And it’s your job to train the dog to do so.

9.              Teach Your Dog to Sit

What does this have to do with teeth? Well, it is easier to fix teeth problems if your dog is sitting. Furthermore, it’s impressive to show friends.

10.         Teach Your Dog to Deal with Strangers

Submissive teeth for the doctor and vicious bites for dangerous criminals only. For teeth in that kind of good shape, teach it how to interact with family, friends, strangers, and criminals.

11.         Introduce Your Child To The Dog

This is a scary one! But very important. The truth is, children usually love dogs. So, you should teach your child how to take care of your dog’s teeth and everything else.

12.         Let Your Child Play With Dogs Teeth

The previous steps ensure baby-friendly teeth. It’s time to let your child know who his or her protector is.

13.         Assign Responsibility of Dog To Child (4 responsibilities)

Assign four responsibilities to your child. Eat together, get clean together, go out together, and proper poopy protocol. Cleaning covers everything including teeth.

14.         Monitor Everything

Your kid is going to forget and make mistakes. You need to monitor that your child honours the commitment and follow the four rules of companionship.

15.         Survival of the Fittest Vs Universal Rights Lessons

Teach your child the importance of his dog’s teeth. Do this with stories of evolution and fantasies of humanoid dogs with tiny canine and citizen rights. Tell your child how the end of teeth is the end of evolution and freedom.

16.         Secret Parenting

Your child will slip up. But don’t take away his honour if he tries from higher understanding. Instead, do some secret parenting and handle the dog’s needs when your child is sleeping.

17.         Polish Teeth With a Mouthwash-Soaked Cloth

This is number one in secret parenting. Soak a cloth in mouthwash and polish your dog’s teeth at least once a day.

18.         Get The Dog Multiple Chew Toys

Get chew toys for your dog. Some of them are not expensive. Some good chewing is healthy for dogs’ teeth and gums.

19.         Brush The Dog’s Teeth After Meals

This is your child’s responsibility. It’s not just for the dog. Rather, its for the entire family, so get separate brushes for all residents.

20.         Balanced Diet and Exercise

Your kid can’t shop, so this one is on you. Provide a balanced diet for your family and pets. The health of its teeth depends on it greatly.

21.         Love The Dog Like Your One True Love

A dog will protect you and your family with his life only when you mean enough to him. Luckily, dogs fall in love easily. Love nurtures common intelligence in dogs. So, the more you love them, the easier commands become.

22.         Protect Your Dog From Fights

A lot of teeth damage occurs from fights. Teeth on teeth action do the damage more than biting down on the flesh. So it’s best to keep your dog safe from mean dogs.

23.         Apple Fetch

Play fetch with the dog, but instead of using a ball, use an apple. This game will keep your dog’s teeth clean.


24.         Routinely Go to the Vet

Going to the vet only when necessary is not a good idea. Do complete check-ups regularly. It’s always good to detect potential suffering early.

25.         Include Your Dog in Overall Budget

A dog doesn’t cost a lot of love for a few weeks. Don’t budget like that. Plan for the maximum life span financially.

26.         Stabilize Your Own Life

If you don’t have a steady job, then forget about your dog’s teeth. You can’t feed the dog as an unreliable person. Get your life together as soon as you can for the sake of your family and your dog.


Love your dog as much as you can because his life span is short. And you will miss that friend like a lover’s heartbreak. To make sure that your dog lives longer, take care of his teeth.

To take care of your dog’s teeth, brush and polish the teeth well. Also, get your dog a vet and some cute chew toys. In addition, you can play fetch with the dog. So get ready to be a responsible and consistent adult. Clean teeth will follow.



  1. Dog’s teeth need to be kept healthy hence needs constant brushing

  2. Amazing and insightful article, addressing a major issue concerning the health of our furry buddies.
    I’ll like to stress that the anatomical structure of our dogs are different to ours. In plain terms, when a dog starts having dental complications, it could easily transcend to other parts of his body. While this also happens to humans, the process is a lot quicker in dogs.
    Hence the need to promptly address health issues, or better still, initiate preventive actions.

    I’ll also (from experience) like to add how some furry buddies are just against the idea of using a toothbrush. On that account, I suggest oral liquid formulas which can also do an effective job.

    Once again, great job on this article and site at large.

    I look forward to reading and commenting on more relevant issues concerning our canine pals.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I totally agree some dogs have no interest in a toothbrush! I have used the liquid and my dog loved it.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.

      • Great reading your article and (more of a pleasure) getting a feedback from you Trina. I admit how much common interest we share as touching our love for our pet.
        I look forward to reading more articles from you.

        Please have a great day ahead!

        • Thank you so much! The more we know about our furry friends the better!

  3. So TRINA, hope you don’t mind telling me your breed of dog and what influenced that choice?

    • Beagle! Living in the city I wanted a dog, but not a little pocket dog. The beagle needs long walks instead of big runs, so she works perfectly for city living.