Can CBD For Dogs Help?

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical that naturally occurs in cannabis plants. Unlike its close cousin, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it isn’t psychoactive so you don’t have to worry about getting high upon taking it.

Nowadays, CBD is often used by humans to deal with pain and mood-related issues. If you have a dog, you may be curious about whether CBD can benefit dogs the same way. Fortunately, many veterinarians approve of CBD as an alternative treatment for various conditions.

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CBD Products For Dogs

Dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans do. The ECS is a system that helps the body maintain its overall balance. If there has been a significant imbalance in the system, CBD can help by binding to the ECS receptors and reclaiming this balance so you can go on with your days as usual.

Hence, dogs have the capacity to make the most out of CBD too. The usual products that you’ll come across are CBD oil and CBD tincture, but some companies have also begun manufacturing CBD treats for dogs as well.

CBD for Dogs: When Is It Recommended?

Pets can get into health troubles just like their humans. Veterinarians will usually prescribe certain medications to help deal with them. Of course, natural remedies are always welcome, as they usually have less side effects compared to pharmaceutical products.

Are you looking for natural ways to help your dog deal with certain health issues? Here are some reasons why buying CBD products for your dog may be a good idea:

  1. General Relief

CBD is known to provide comfort for dogs with the following conditions:

  • Nausea
  • Digestive problems
  • Stress
  • Arthritis

If you notice your dog being uncomfortable for some reason, CBD may help him get back to his normal state.

  1. Body Pains

Humans are fond of using CBD to help them deal with various body pains. Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, their pains typically subside at a faster rate. Dogs in pain are bound to experience the same relief after getting a good dose of CBD.

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  1. Anxiety And Fear Management

Dogs may feel afraid for many reasons. They may be frightened because of the sounds of thunder or fireworks, or they may feel anxious because you’re about to go to the vet. Most of the time, you’ll see them shiver and hideaway. As a dog owner, it’s a pain to watch.

To help your pet feel calm, administering CBD can help. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be dealing with something that makes your pet feel scared (e.g. going to the vet), it’s recommended that you give CBD around 30 minutes before the event itself.

As a cannabinoid, CBD has mood-altering properties that can change your dog’s mood for the better.

  1. Seizures

CBD has also been found to be a good solution for epileptic dogs. Although anticonvulsant drugs can help manage these conditions, they usually have unwanted side effects. Fortunately, CBD also has anticonvulsant properties that have been proven safe to use in epileptic humans and dogs.

  1. Cancer

Right now, studies about the effectiveness of CBD for cancer are still in its infancy. However, there are pilot studies that suggest that CBD encourages apoptosis (healthy cell death). Cancer typically starts with abnormal cell growth, so apoptosis is needed to stop cancer from further spreading out.

In any case, CBD can be a good supplement for dogs undergoing cancer treatment because of its pain-relieving properties.

The Right CBD Dosage For Dogs

This study suggests that the effective CBD dosage for dogs is 2mg per kg of body weight. However, since this research is biased, this recommendation may not be the best for every pet.

Each dog will react differently to CBD, that’s why it’s essential that you only administer a small dose when starting out. Most products will include recommended dosages, but it may be safer to start with less than those amounts.

As you give CBD to your dog, make sure that you carefully monitor how your pet responds, and from there, you can proceed with the necessary adjustments.

Conclusion: Dogs Can Benefit from CBD As Humans Do

Although there hasn’t been a lot of studies that explore the effects of CBD on dogs, many pet owners swear by its effectiveness. Not only can it help your dogs deal with pain better, but it can also help in managing anxieties.

CBD may be good for your dog on paper, but make sure that you discuss this with your veterinarian first. Ask for recommendations and follow them to the dot to keep your pet safe.