Pet Cat Care Tips For New Pet Owners

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Owning a pet is beneficial. Having a cat around makes it easy for you to socialize with other people, stay physically active and ward off anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. But being a pet owner isn’t a walk in the park; it also requires a lot of responsibility to ensure that your pet behaves well and remains healthy.

The first step into becoming a pet owner is to look at your cat as a human being. These feline friends will also require the right diet and nutrition, exercise, and environment for them to grow healthy and become sociable animals.

Getting cat health insurance can be a great way to help set your kitty up for a healthy life. You can look at preventive care packs that cover yearly essentials like wellness exams and vaccines. Having pet insurance is also beneficial because it can help your pet avoid preventable illnesses.

For you to become the best pet owner, read reliable online resources such as and take note of the following cat care tips:

Our Tips For New Pet Owners

  1. Feed Your Cat With Healthy Food

Feeding the right food to your cat can significantly affect their health. Just like human beings, cats also need nutrition in order to grow strong and healthy. When feeding your cat, these tips can come in handy:

  • If you just adopted your cat, inquire from their previous owner so you’ll know what to feed your new pet. This information will make it easier for you to choose the right food for your cat without upsetting their stomachs.
  • If you’re planning to change their diet, make sure to do it gradually. Never feed your cat with new cat food at once as this can have adverse effects on their health.

Ideally, you should start introducing the new food by mixing it with their old food first. Gradually increase the quantity of the new food while decreasing the quantity of the old one, until you can completely feed them with the new food.

  • A kitten formula should be given when you’re taking care of a pet that’s younger than one year old. Kittens will require higher calorie content in their diets, which is why a formula is necessary.
  • For cats with health issues or seniors, it’s best if you reach out to your vet to know which kind of diet is best for them. Feeding these cats with any food can lead to health risks and worsen their current health conditions.
  1. Invest In High-Quality Water Bowls And Food Dishes

Water bowls and food dishes are equivalent to your glasses and plates. These items are essential for your cats to eat with ease.

Stainless steel and ceramics are two of the best materials for your cat’s water bowls and food dishes. These materials don’t hold odour and are very easy to clean. Make sure to buy more than one water bowl and food dish as you’ll need to place these in different areas around your house and have a back up when the other is being cleaned.

Your cat’s water bowls should be in areas that are easily accessible to them. As mentioned, having more than one water bowl in your house is best as this can encourage your cat to drink more.

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  1. Have A Litter Box

A litter box is a must-have to teach your pet where to pee and poop. Having a litter box can also maintain cleanliness and reduce odour in your home.

If you’re looking after more than one cat, each of them should have their own litter boxes. This will ensure a healthy relationship among your cats because they won’t have to fight in order to have their own space.

You should also make sure that the litter boxes you buy for your cats are large enough for them. Buying a litter box that is too big can take up space in your home, while one that is too small will make it hard for your cat to pee or poop inside.

  1. Have Time For Playtime

Cats of all ages love to have their own playtime. Playing with age-appropriate toys is vital as this can help your pets develop and keep them entertained, especially when you’re away.

However, buying any toy won’t do the trick. Cats will also have their own preferences so if they don’t like the first toy you purchased, try again. With the number of pet stores operating today, you’ll soon find the perfect toy that can satisfy your cat.

As a pet owner, it’s important to spend some time playing with your cat. These toys can keep them entertained for hours, but for sure, they will enjoy their toys better if you’re actually playing with them.

Be Ready To Learn

Being a cat owner requires a long-term commitment, so don’t expect that you can immediately fit the role overnight. New pet owners will have to learn a lot of things, invest in several tools, and change their routines to properly support their cat’s needs.

Aside from your passion to care for pets, let this article become your guide for you to become an effective pet owner. It’ll be easy for you to become a fitting pet owner if you know how!

What are your tips on cat care?


  1. Being a pet parent is steps away from being a pet lover. It’s like the difference between fantasying about a meal and getting the chance to cook and eat that meal. It’s way more than a walk in the park.
    no doubt there are many emotional, physical, and mental benefits attached to having a pet, however it demands commitment in time, money, and skill.
    This article has done justice to highlighting and explaining many of the requirements.
    Great job and well done!

  2. Is it advisable to get smart dog toys for new pet owners just in case the dogs are indoors and are bored?

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