Everything You Need to Know about a Slicker Brush

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If you have pets then you know that you need to take care of their fur. Some of them have more hair than others which means that they will need more attention in keeping them clean and beautiful. Of course, it is best to have your dogs or cats pampered by the pet salon at least once a month to get them that beautiful trim and have them thoroughly cleaned, yet you still have to do your part in grooming them daily. Especially when your pets have moderate to long hair, you will have to know what you should do to keep them at top shape. Click here to learn more about how to groom your pets.

One of the ways that you can keep your pets clean and looking groomed all the time is to brush them. But which brush should you use? Well, this can be answered by asking you what you want to do with the brushing.

Different brushes are used for different types of hair and they can also be used for different kinds of functions. Some brushes are used just to make them look beautiful and gives that extra shine to their hair, while other brushes are used to help clean them and remove mats and tangles of their hair.

Of course, you might not need this as much your cats as they know how to groom themselves very well. However, if you have cats that have long hair like a Maine Coon or a Persian cat, then you might need to help them maintain their fur. Cats are very particular about cleanliness and if they are used to being very clean all the time, they can get stressed if there is something they can’t remove. That is why it is your duty as a loving pet owner to make sure that they are at their best all the time.

Which Brush to Use

The first thing you need to know before choosing a brush is what are the types of brushes available for pets? There are three main types of brushes that you can use for your pets. Mainly, they are the bristle brush, the wire-pin brush, and the slicker brush.

The Bristle brush is usually used for general brushing. This can be used by all types of animals whether they have long hair or short hair. A bristle brush can have either wide spaces in between bristles or you can have one with bristles that are closer to each other. The wider bristles are usually used for those with longer coats while the closer bristles are used for those with shorter hair.

The next type of brush that is available for pets is the wire pin. The wire pin is usually used for animals with curly hair. This is perfect for them as they are very easy to maneuver and you will not have a hard time moving around even when their hair is thick and curly. The wire pin is best for animals with hair that is of medium length.

Lastly, there is the Slicker brush. The slicker is best used for animals that have long hair. A long-haired animal has the tendency to get their hair tangled and matted. This is perfect for fixing those problems with your pets as slicker brushes can definitely help in untangling their hair especially before clipping.

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How to use Slicker Brushes

The best way to use the slicker is to use it on affected parts only. This device is not for making the hair of your pet smooth. Rather, it is only used in removing mats and tangles. That is why it is best to use it only on the affected parts. Slicker brushes can be very uncomfortable for your pets but if used right, it can be very helpful. First, you need to apply some water or some conditioning spray on the affected part of your pet’s fur. Find all the mats and tangles so that you can save some time.

After spraying the mats and tangles with the conditioning spray, you have to be very gentle in handling the slicker on to your pet. Make short strokes from the neck down to the tail and make sure that you do not damage your pet’s fur. Remove any mat, tangle or dirt as you go but very gentle as you can be.

Sometimes, tangles and mats cannot be seen on the surface and you have to be very careful as you go through your dog’s hair. Once you hear a scraping noise as you go, this means that you have hit a tangled area and you must gently fix this problem.

First, you need to try loosening the tangle with your fingers only so that you will not cause any stress to the animal, if that doesn’t work, make sure that you gently use the slicker to untangle the fur. You can move the slicker through the tangle in different directions to ensure that it is fully untangled and be careful not to damage any hair or pull some out.

After brushing the back and the body, make sure to use it to find mats and tangles also on the legs of your dog. However, it is not advisable to use the slicker on the face. This can be very dangerous to the eyes and you won’t need this brush on the face as the fur is not as thick there compared to other parts of the body.

After brushing the body of your pet using the slicker, you can now use a normal bristle brush to comb the hair of your dog or cat and make it shine. Surely, your pets will be very happy after you take care of their fur. Grooming them will help them become healthier and a healthy pet is a happy pet. Visit this link for more tips to making your pets happy: https://www.pedigreefoundation.org/10-tips-make-dogs-life-happy-healthy/

If you are unsure of what you are doing, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from your local veterinarian. The well-being of your pet is of the utmost importance.

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