Do You Want to Know Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend?

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All sayings that have survived the test of time bear some undeniable truth. We often say or hear other people say that dogs are man’s best friend, but why is that? More than daily examples to which any dog parent can attest to, this idea of the perfect dog-human relationship has even made it to the big screen. I mean, who doesn’t remember Hachi: A Dog’s Tale? I know you shed a tear or two at the end of the movie and that it remained in your heart forever. 


Where does this saying come from? 


This idea of dog-human relationships has existed for thousands of years, but the saying itself is pretty recent. It dates back to 1870 and was first used in the American Supreme Court by a lawyer called George Graham Vest. In his defence for a man whose dear dog was shot by a neighbour for trespassing, he argued that not an animal was killed, but a member of the family. And so it remains until today. 

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They are the best jogging partners


Jogging is just a great example of how a dog can and will improve your health – both physical and mental. If you are thinking about working out but do not have a friend to join you at the gym every week, you should get a dog. Really! Of course, you will have to quit your idea of going to the gym, but only to replace it with a greater one. 


A dog will make you go out more, for walks and even runs. They are very energetic animals and will enjoy a great run anytime you are available. So, there you go! A dog will get you all the motivation you need to stay fit and healthy. 


Statistics show that dog owners live longer and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Although people might argue that having pets near children is wrong, dogs can help boost their health, as they can decrease both asthma and allergies. 


They listen and act to your emotions


More than just being great jogging partners, dogs are great for mental support as well. It is still statistics that show that having a dog reduces the health effects of living alone – such as depression. It is very hard for some people to open up to others with their problems, but their dog will immediately feel that there is something wrong. A certified dog trainer says that dogs can read our facial expressions. Amazing, right? There is enough for you to come up with a smile for your pet to figure out that you are happy and wiggle its tail. You can read more about it here


But we do not need statistics to figure out that dogs come to support yet another great saying:” a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Because this is exactly what a dog is for a human – a friend indeed. Whenever your pals call to cancel on you or have other plans for the evening, you can turn to your four-legged bestie. It will always be there for you, no matter what. When we smile, dogs smile back at us, when we are blue, they make sure to be the best cuddling-partners.


They can help you make friends


If a human friend might tend to become possessive and want to keep you for himself/herself, a dog is an exact opposite. Owning one could become the reason you make more friends. This is why it is a great idea for introverts to stick with canines. Imagine that you are walking through the park with your fluffy pet. I bet that at least 3 people out of 5 will stop to pet it, ask about its name, age, food preference, and many others. 


Having a dog helps boost your social life and can even get you a girlfriend or boyfriend. Talking about your dog is a really good ice breaker and any other owner will just love sharing anything about his/her dog. Learning about dogs’ behaviours from other owners is always a treat. It’s just like talking to mothers about your baby. 

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They assist people with disabilities 


The fact that dogs can relate to your emotions is so real that it even applies to people with instabilities or disorders. I already mentioned people struggling with depression, who can be cheered up by dogs, their fluffiness, openness and wet noses. 


More than that, dogs are known to help blind people get through life. Because they are so smart and obedient, they can be trained to do certain tasks to help alleviate their struggles. The type of relationship the two of them can build is just amazing. 


They never argue your music preferences

Although they are the best for dealing with special cases like blind people, they are great with everyday situations as well. Nothing more mundane than driving to the countryside. Others in the car might argue with the volume or the music of choice, but a dog will never do that and let you listen to your favourite tracks in peace. Pet Dog Pals talks a lot about dogs and what you can do to make their life greater. After all, it is not only them the ones who have to make an effort to build and sustain this relationship, we must also do our part.


Apart from the idea that you will never again have to go through dinner alone, a dog will make sure to help boost your mood and take care of your body. Playing fetch with your best buddy will make you forget everything that has been bothering you through the day, problems at work or in a relationship with others. It will give you the time and space you need to refresh and think again, see the world with fresh eyes. But most importantly, a dog will always be there at the end of the day, proving its undivided attention and friendship. Because they are not only very smart, they are also incredibly loyal.


photo credit: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels