Looking for a suitable Toy for your Dachshund

We love spoiling our kids, whether they are human or the furry kind, the joy is the same. Seeing their little faces light up or tails wagging at lightning speed, we can never get tired of that heartwarming feeling.

We do, however, need to make sure that the items and toys we buy are age and size appropriate. We wouldn’t go out and buy a teddy double the size of our child and expect him or her to be able to carry it around to play or both fit in the bed when it comes to bedtime.

The same goes for our furry family members. A large dog will get no entertainment out of a toy he could swallow and choke on, or a tiny one exerting every last drop of energy lugging around a rubber ring that weighs more than him.

Check customer reviews when it comes to buying something for your pet, see what others have to say and take on their advice, it will save you money in the long run and you will gain product knowledge you might not have found useful before.

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How to choose a dog toy

Look for simple products. Toys that require pushing or pulling other than in a natural state is not going to be long term dog-friendly.

Levers or ribbons can be harmful, so rather consider that less is more. For quick tips and advice look here https://www.safewise.com/blog/safest-pet-toys/ and get a better understanding of ‘toy carefulness.’

Hard rubber balls and thick ropes are great for dogs that have high energy and enjoy playing fetch if using tennis balls be sure to discard them if they become broken or the felt starts peeling off, the last thing we want is to rush our dog to the emergency room because he had a tennis ball for dinner.

Smaller dogs that like to keep to minimum activity levels and enjoy a big cuddle with a soft toy can be cute, but still, supervise to make sure that no filling has come out or thread has come loose.

And the last thing to consider is to have a variety of toys which you rotate from time to time, they will appreciate their long lost friend and keep them interested.  If it’s a special item that he never seems to be without, it’s probably best to keep that as a standard in the toy box.

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Making a homemade dog toy

With so many tutorials online and crafting websites and apps popping up all over the show, it’s now easier than ever to get creative and try your hand at some DIY toys. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, many items around the house that aren’t being used can be upcycled into a new and improved fun giver for your furry friend.

Items, for example, would include old t-shirts wrapped around tennis balls and braided for a fun tug buddy. A basic PVC pipe with snack-sized holes drilled into it and filled, then when the dog rolls it around and plays the treats fall out in intervals rewarding him for good self-entertaining and increasing his thinking skills.

A great idea for high energy canines can be to construct 3 PVC pipes in a hurdle type set up and create your own agility course in the back garden. The dog, and kids I bet, will love it and at the end of the day the whole gang will be exhausted and you can put your feet up in peace with a large wine while the house is humming with the sounds of snoring.

Let’s say you aren’t creative to the extent which requires actual skill, then I read a great hack the other day of a mom, who shares her pain with mothers all over the globe when it comes to the mystery washing machine sock eater, who took the singletons and drenched them in water and stuffed them in the freezer.

If you have a few chores to get on with but puppy seems extra clingy, simply grab a ‘cool’ sock from the freezer and voila, puppy has a unique chilled toy he can figure out, slurp up excess water from and give you the few minutes you need to run around the house and get the jobs done.

Big dogs tend to be satisfied with a good run in the park and a bit of ball fetching, but smaller dogs need a bit more attention. While they might not have the endurance, little dogs like Dachshunds can be content with minimal fuss if left with the right toy.

If you fall into the category of owning a gorgeous Dachshund, then this website which has the best Dachshund dog toys is going to make your day. It has images, reviews and all the pros and cons of the top-rated toys on the market, don’t get left behind, check it out now.


First dog toy

It wasn’t that long ago that a man who had adopted a police trained dog, came upon the invention, by accident actually, of a rubber dog toy to keep his pup entertained but also from chewing down his teeth on stones.

Initially, he was not well accepted in the market place, but thankfully with persistence, he is now a household name and our dogs can enjoy toys just like our other children. They have feelings too, they want to be spoilt, and with product market competition on the rise, we won’t need to worry anytime soon about not being able to surprise our pet with a new purchase.


Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash