Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Off Your Furniture

Do you find that your pets follow you everywhere around the house? This is a sign that they love you and want to spend time with you. From cooking in the kitchen to watching television on your favourite couch, your pet is sure to be by your side. While you appreciate the company, the last thing that you want is your pet shedding all over your expensive furniture and tearing it to shreds with their claws. If only there was a way that you could keep them off of your furniture. Luckily for you, there are plenty of solutions that you can take to keep your furniture safe and your pets happy.

Here are some tips on how to keep your pets off of your furniture

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Get Your Pet a Place They Can Relax

While your pets will definitely want to be around you at all times, the other reason why they might always be on top of your stuff is that they don’t have their own comfortable place to relax. Take a look at your house and see if you have any products that you can layout for them. Felines love a nice soft carpeted or leather surface that they can lounge in for hours. Therefore, a good choice for them would be something like a cat cave or a cat tree. These objects are perfect for a cat because they are made to be durable, while also providing an extremely comfortable area for them. By getting them a piece of furniture that they can call their own, you will find that they will spend much less time on your furniture and much more time on theirs. The same goes for dogs. Getting them a nice bed to relax in and filling it with toys that they can play with is a great way to keep their attention away from the furniture you don’t want them on. Reward them with treats along the way so they can begin to associate staying off the furniture with good behaviour. If your pets can’t stay off the furniture, take a look into getting them a piece of their own furniture.

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Dog and Cat Repellent Sprays

             It is important to note that these sprays are in no way harmful to your pets and will not cause any damage to them. A cat and dog repellent spray do exactly what they are named to do. When sprayed on furniture, the odours will drive your cats and dogs away from them and prevent them from going on top of them. Don’t worry about the smell yourself, as these are created so that your pets will smell them, but you won’t. Spray them anywhere you want them to stay away from, but be careful not to spray it everywhere. If nothing seems to be working to keep your pets off of your furniture, look into getting a repellent spray and take things to the next level.

Covers for Your Furniture

             While these methods above can work great when you are there to enforce it, when you are away and at work, your pets might find their way onto your couch. Seeing as how you can’t stay at home to prevent this; you have to find a way to stop them. Furniture cover pads are designed with a certain material that your pets do not enjoy and therefore will stay away from. Even if for some reason your pet decides to climb up, the pad will shield the furniture underneath from any claws or shedding. These pads are made to easily go on and off furniture with little to no hassle and can easily be stored and brought out at a moment’s notice. This is renowned as one of the best methods while you are away, so make sure to pick up some furniture pads and place them all over your house.


             When wanting to keep your pets off your furniture, look to train them early that it is bad behaviour. If you allow your pet to be on the couch and then try to take it away, you will find yourself fighting a losing battle. Look to get your pet their own special place that they can relax and call home. Fill it with toys and make it comfortable for them so they lose focus on the old furniture. Spray your furniture with repellents that work to keep your pets away. Finally, when you are gone, you can stick pads on top of your furniture that will dissuade your pets from wanting to get on top of them. Keep your furniture safe with these ideas. What kind of pet do you have?


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