4 Smart Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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Nobody can deny the special bond that humans and canines share. The human-pet relationship dates back thousands of years ago when our ancient ancestors interacted with wolves (read more). Science believed that our loving dogs were the descendants of the now-extinct grey wolves. Learn about the extinction facts and figures behind the environmental crisis threatening the world.

After several generations, the symbiotic relationship of our ancestors to grey wolves turned into a familial one—the one we have now with our fur babies.

Today, dogs are such big parts of our lives. They serve with the police and military; they protect our crops; they visit hospitals to bring comfort, and they work as service dogs for the disabled. One way or another, the lives of humans and canines will always be interconnected.

These furry little paws infiltrated our minds and especially our hearts. For canine lovers, prioritizing our pet’s needs are second nature. We feed them, bathe them, and play with them like we would with our kids. They are the stars of each of our Instagram posts. We even make fan accounts of our dogs and create memes about them.

An average canine owner spends about $2000 for the basic needs and medical care of their pets—and they are willing to pay for a higher price if need be. As a dedicated fur parent, we want to keep them safe, healthy, and happy because that is what they deserve. So, here are smart ways to keep your pooches healthy while giving them a satisfactory life.


  1.   Engage them in exercise

Exercise is just as important to dogs as it is for humans. As much as plump puppies are cute, canine obesity is a thing, and it is dangerous. So get going and urge your pets to exercise.

Dog exercise ranges from daily walks to intense, heart-pumping activities. Start with something simple, like an everyday morning walk routine. Then, spice it up once in a while by doing hiking or playing fetch in an uphill land.

There are also indoor activities that serve as a form of exercise for your pets. They can run up and down the stairs, swim in your outdoor pool, and other agility training.

Like humans, dogs of different ages and breeds require a different kind of exercise. If your pup has a physical condition, consult a vet about his exercise routine first for safety purposes.

  1.   Eat healthily

Proper exercise and a nutritious, balanced diet is the perfect tandem to keep a dog healthy. As much as we love sharing everything with them, there are certain human foods that can upset their stomachs. Almonds, chocolate, cinnamon, garlic, and ice cream are some foods that can harm your pooches.

Do not cave into their puppy eyes. Instead, feed them with a healthy meal like a home-cooked skinless lean chicken meat, beef, liver, lettuce, and leafy green vegetables. The traditional dog food is also allowed as long as it is chemical-free and a non-GMO product. Consult with your trusted veterinarian about safe dog food brands.

Some pet owners also share online reviews about which brands of pet food are safe to consume like the thingsmenbuy.com Hungry Bark review.

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  1.   Challenge their minds

Stimulate your canine’s mind and let him explore new things. Dogs are instinctive and intelligent animals. Bring out the best in them by incorporating mental challenges during their playtime.

You can stimulate their sense of smell by playing hide-and-seek with their treat. You can also train them to respond to certain commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. Scour the internet of methods on how to teach them new tricks. Give him a job by teaching some house duties like fetching the morning newspaper or opening doors.

Although pets often outsmart humans (if you know what I mean), it takes time for them to learn new things. It also depends on their breed and age. So, be patient and just enjoy the process of teaching.

  1.   Give them lots of love

Aside from the daily care that you provide, do not forget to give them the daily love and attention that they need. Long-time dog owners sometimes forget this part and unconsciously neglect their dog’s emotional needs.

Hug them, kiss them, and give them belly rubs and ear scratches after a long day at work. Constant love and affection will deepen your bond and will create a lasting relationship that you won’t ever forget.


How do you keep your fur babies dog happy?