7 effective tips to lengthen the life of your dog

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We all want our pets to live longer and healthier lives. Fortunately, to lengthen the life of your furry friends, you can do something. Yes, it is possible if you maintain a healthy and natural diet of your canines. In addition to this, you must make your pet get involved in a proper exercise to lengthen their lifespan. So, here, we have come up with some effective ways to help you increase the life expectancy of your pet.

Feed him a healthy and a balanced diet

Sarah, who offers online accounting assignment helpis a dog mother herself, and she says that approximately 90% of the dog food that’s found in regular grocery stores is unhealthy and not safe for the dogs. If studies are to be believed, this fact is 100% accurate. Most of the name brand dog foods that you find in the market are terrible for the health of the dog. These foods are stuffed with a huge amount of grain and animal by-products. Hence, it is naturally very high in sugar, fat, and salt. So, if you need good and healthy pet food, you should look for something that has meat as the primary ingredient. The food that you give to your dog must not have wheat or corn in it. Thus, opting for the right food for your dog can play a pivotal role in maintaining his health and ensuring proper growth.

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Watch the weight

Every 1 out of 4 dogs is obese. Chandler, who works with a platform that offers online do my assignment help, says that he used to feed his pet with a lot of treats every time he did something remotely cute. As a result of it, his dog, Snoopy, had put on a lot of weight. It resulted in his early death. To tell you the truth, any extra weight on your pup is indirectly bad news. Obesity leads to diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases. You have to be particularly careful if you have a pug or any other dog of the short-nosed breed. In them, obesity can result in adverse breathing conditions. Please understand that obesity is incredibly easy to prevent. So, watch the diet of your dog every day. To keep their hearts working in exceptional condition, you can have them exercise regularly. Take them for walks at least twice a day. Get them in action by playing games like throw and fetch. Exercising regularly not only helps the hip joints but it also very helpful for the brain. It reduces the digestion problems and gives your pup a desirable weight. Any dog without a regular outlet of energy is often bored and destructive. You can get rid of your dog’s bad habits like scratching, chewing, pouncing on people, or digging through the garbage, by getting them to exercise regularly.


Get them spayed or neutered

According to ASPCA neutering or spaying, your dog can result in the expansion of your dog’s life by up to 2 years. Studies suggest that female dogs that are spayed are far less likely to develop cancer in the mammary glands. Mary, who recently had to pay for research paper services to an online platform, says that spaying the female pups can also prevent breast tumours or uterine infections. Further, if the male dogs are neutered, they are not much prone to developing testicular cancer. It can also prevent prostate problems. In addition to the medical benefits, neutering and spaying will have your dogs to behave better. Another beautiful aspect of this is that when you spay or neuter your dog, you won’t contribute to the homeless animal population.

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You can’t ignore the chompers

Kiara, who offers the best data science certification courses online, says that not many pet parents know that dental issues like gum diseases are fairly common amongst dogs, rabbits, and cats. If your dog is suffering from a dental issue, it can bring him excruciating pain that can make it difficult for him to eat. Oral issues can later develop into heart or kidney issues. To avoid these issues, you should regularly brush their teeth and give them real chews like antler chews and not rawhide or dental sticks.


Don’t cause unnecessary stress

Any dog that has a lot of stress in his life is less likely to live longer. Rosy, who offers online long trail pro review is a dog parent. She says that as a parent, you need to ensure that you give your dog all the comfort he deserves. Make sure that he never feels lonely or too confined. Further, you should regularly take your dogs to the groomer or vet. Your dog should socialize well. It will reduce the stress in his life.

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Give him the requisite identification

Studies state that every 1 in three dogs tends to get lost. Thus, you need to be precautious and prepared. The collar of your dog must be outfitted with an identification tag. It should have all the necessary information, such as your contact information, name, and address. You can also get your dog micro-chipped. ‘Micro-chipping the dog’ is a painless and quick process that can be conducted at a vet’s clinic. It is more or less like a vaccination. This chip is as tiny as a rice grain. When the vet scans this chip, it will give out a unique ID number that would make it easier to locate the owners of the dog. Sonia, who works with EduWorldUSA, says that when she lost Bruno (her dog), it was micro-chipping that helped her reunite with her baby.


Add supplements in the diet

Mia, who offers online research paper writing service, says that just like humans, dogs need some supplements in their diet too. It helps boost their immunity. Moreover, the right degree of dietary supplements supports the GI tract and improves body strength.


Follow these 7 simple tips, and you can indeed lengthen the life of your dog.


Photo by Krystian Bęben on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Sandoval on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Sandoval on Unsplash