CBD Oil for Dogs – Is It Really That Good?

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Are you in on the newest hype on the market? Here are a few hints. It has to do with medicine, marijuana, and certain living beings that don’t exactly talk, but they do bark and scratch and nobody can cuddle better than them. Does it ring a bell yet?

No, I am not saying that people are starting to give pot to their dogs in order to make some funny videos that can go viral. That would be rather irresponsible and I would never, ever, justify that kind of a behavior. Though, there is a similar trend. But, instead of being harmful, it is said to be rather helpful for your canines.

Here is why you shouldn’t give weed to your dogs: https://www.caninejournal.com/dogs-and-marijuana/

The New Trend

Let’s make one thing clear from the start. This concept is not new at all and it was long ago proved that certain marijuana-based products can do wonders for people’s health. The only thing that is fairly new is the fact that it is now used for some animals as well. Of course, extra measures of precaution are taken when our pets are in question, so further research had to be conducted before giving these products to animals.

Nevertheless, there are still some concerns regarding this, usually coming from people who don’t know where to find reliable information and how to get properly acquainted with the product. While I completely understand these concerns, I find it to be a real shame that our pets are missing out on something that can be great for them. That needs to change.

Unfortunately, our dogs can sometimes suffer from certain medical conditions that might put them into a lot of pain and cause other unpleasant symptoms. To make matters worse, in some cases, there seems to be nothing you can do to help them. So, what’s our plan in those cases? Are we just going to sit back and watch our little companions suffer?

I don’t know about you, but that would break my heart. This new trend that I am talking about provides you with an opportunity to help your dogs in those cases when it seems that there is no way to help them. Of course, it also lets you take further care of your perfectly healthy canines. It’s about time you heard about it.

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Here It Comes… And It’s Better Than Ever

There are more than a few ways to get useful information about this product. For example, if you take a quick detour right now and view Holistapets product page, you will find a lot of valuable evidence that go in favor of the trend that is known as CBD oil. Now, given all the fuss, I am here to explain what this product is exactly and whether it is really good for your four-legged friend.

Are you familiar with the chemical found in the cannabis plant, called cannabidiol? If not, let me quickly give you the most necessary information. It is extracted from hemp and it is not the part of the plant that is responsible for getting you intoxicated, or stoned, or whatever you like to call it these days.

Remember, every single plant on the Earth is full of all kinds of compounds and they all have different kinds of properties. The same goes for cannabis. And the compound that has hallucinogenic properties is not CBD, but THC. If you are at all familiar with any kinds of hallucinogens on the market, then this should be pretty clear to you.

Therefore, do not ever make the mistake of putting this product in the same category as marijuana. This cannot be emphasized enough, given how people react when they hear the word “cannabis”. Now that we have established that CBD is perfectly safe in that regard, we need to focus on some of its other properties and check out whether it is really that beneficial for dogs. Learn more.

Energy And Some More Energy

When your dog reaches a certain age, you can start noticing that they are losing their energy and becoming lazier. Keep in mind that this can also happen with younger canines. Usually, this is a symptom of a disease, such as arthritis. But, it can also be a cause of some other conditions, such as weight gain that can even lead to diabetes. CBD oil can help with all the pain and inflammation your doggie is experiencing and significantly raise their energy levels.

Seizures And Anxiety Relief

Some canines may have frequent seizures, usually connected to epilepsy. CBD oil is known to reduce these seizures and improve their quality of life. Furthermore, anxiety symptoms can be a thing of the past if you decide to try the oil. It seems that there really are a lot of reasons for dog owners to hold this product in such high regard.