How To Put Your Dog On A Safe And Healthy Diet?

There may be many reasons why your dog should be put on a healthy diet. Whether it’s because of his weight or health issues, it’s essential to do it right, so that you can be sure that he stays safe and healthy. Never take that decision all on your own, and never choose your dog’s diet by yourself. Visit your veterinarian regularly and listen to recommendations, both as to what and how you should feed your furry friend. Healthier dogs live preview (opens in a new tab)e longer, and that’s probably what you want for your pup. If you’re at the beginning of your journey, you may have tons of questions and doubts, but we’re here to help you by providing all the necessary information on how to put your dog on a safe and healthy diet.

Find the right food

If you want your pup to eat healthily and stay in shape, you need to know precisely what you’re feeding him. It’s best to adjust his diet with a veterinarian who knows your dog, his breed, and individual needs, because canines, just like people, are all a little bit different. Then, you can start researching the best dog food brands for your budget. If you want to know more about the best food on the market and its properties, visit this website: Pay attention, especially to the amount of fat in your dog’s food, plus finds something that has vegetables high on the list of ingredients.

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It will also work to feed your dog smaller portions but more often. That’s how you can keep his blood sugar steady, and your dog’s body will be less likely to store calories. Also, don’t leave food out. If you keep it where your dog can find it, you can be sure that he will become his own master. A lot of dogs can’t help it, as they can’t tell when they are full. Feed him at specific times, and take away what’s left after fifteen or twenty minutes. Plus, if he’s eating the right dog food, you probably shouldn’t give him any table scraps.


Remember that, whenever you transition to new dog food, you need to do it gradually to allow your dog to get used to it. Start by mixing the old and the new food, and then, little by little, change the proportions. Keep an eye on your dog and his behaviors.

Keep your dog hydrated

Drinking water is just as important for dogs as it is for people. If you’re drinking as much as you should be, you will discover that you eat much less than before, not to mention that you provide your organism with the necessary water. It’s exactly the same with your dog – he will eat when he’s only thirsty. Make sure that he has access to clean and fresh water at all times. If you feel like your dog is reluctant to the idea, include some ice cubes into your playtime; dogs love them, and that’s how you can provide him with water.

Find healthier treats

It may sound crazy, but it’s actually possible to find dog treats that will be both healthy and delicious. What’s more, your dog will need discipline; treats should only be a reward, not an every-day reality. Make sure only to treat your furry friend when he has really earned it, e.g., during training. Treats are supposed to support the desired behaviors. If you’re giving too many treats, it’s not only unhealthy, but it’s also bad for the whole training process. To provide him with treats and keep him hydrated at the same time, it’s worth remembering about ice cubes, as they can make the perfect treats. They can be regular ice cubes or, for example, pieces of watermelon frozen with water.

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Measure meals

Don’t guess how much food you’re giving to your dog – get a measuring cup and be sure that you’re providing your friend with the exact amount of food that he needs. The worst thing you can do is always to keep his bowl full, just in case he’s hungry; in this case, you can be sure that he will eat much more than he needs. Even several extra tiny kibbles a day can add up to a weight gain per year in indoor dogs.

Keep your dog moving

Physical activity is essential for all living creatures to stay in good shape and perfectly healthy. The best and the easiest way to keep your dog active is to play with him – a dog will never refuse running with you or to catch whatever you throw. It will not only keep you both fit, but it will help you strengthen your bond. It’s especially important if you’re changing his diet, as it will help him remember that he is loved and nobody wants to do him any harm, or that this new food is not a punishment. There are also many toys available that can help you keep your dog active when you’re not around, or you’re busy.


Many dog owners worry that if they stop spoiling their dog with treats and delicious food, their relationship will get worse. However, if you do everything right while bearing in mind what’s best for your best friend, nothing like that will happen. On the contrary – this may be an opportunity to bring you closer together.

What do you do to make sure your dog is eating a healthy diet?

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