4 Common Dog Health Problems And How To Solve Them

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If you are one of the world’s devoted dog owners, you have most likely found that your canine best friend can develop health issues that remain unnoticed until you find your dog behaving differently. Then, you will need to observe closely and identify whatever is bothering the dog and take care of it. Like any true dog owner, you want your dog to be healthy and happy.

The good news is that you can avail of professional and experienced assistance. Many veterinarians have also encountered these same problems in the dogs they care for. These veterinarians have treatment options ready in their clinics to treat dogs for such health issues.

Here are some common problems that dog owners have, and their corresponding solutions.

Veterinarian and assistant in vet clinic at work.

A Sore Paw

Veterinarians have often heard this line from dog owners “I noticed my dog had a sore paw” so this qualifies as a common health problem. There are many reasons for dogs to get a sore paw:

  • Walking on very cold or very hot sidewalks
  • Accidentally getting pierced by sharp objects
  • Being bitten by insects or other animals 
  • Something heavy fell and bruised the paw, or possibly broke bones in the paw

If your dog seems to be favoring a paw, let a veterinarian examine the paw closely. If necessary, the vet may schedule an x-ray of the paw to ascertain any damage. If this is a recurring problem, one solution is to have the dog wear protective footwear so that the paw is protected while it is healing. An x-ray can show if there are indeed broken bones. If there are, then you should allow the vet to do surgery on the paw to correct the break and possibly put the paw in a cast. The vet will also probably give painkillers so that your dog will remain comfortable throughout the ordeal.

dog health problems in paws

Worm Infestation

Worm infestation is pretty common among dogs, particularly puppies that are still nursing. This is because the mother dog may have worms that are passed along to the pups. Worms can also be transferred to your dog through the skin. You know that your dog has worms when its stool has some worm parts in it. This is one reason why you have to regularly check the stool of your dog.


You should prevent your dog from going through feces of other dogs because these may contain worms as well. To solve this problem, your dog’s veterinarian must prescribe or administer an anti-worm treatment or a deworming medication. If the worm infestation keeps recurring, you may also have to keep your dog indoors.

Ear Infections

A dog’s ears are vulnerable to infections for different reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Hair growing in the ear canal
  • Invasion of ear mites and ticks
  • Invasion by bacteria
  • Presence of yeast
  • Allergies

dog ear health problems

To solve this problem, you may need to clean the inside of your dog’s ear with cotton swabs, just like the vet does when your dog comes for a check-up. This will remove parasites such as mites and ticks. This can also help the veterinarian to inspect the inner ear without a build-up of ear wax in the way. If there is a bacterial infection, the vet may prescribe some form of treatment or a specific medication that you will have to administer to your dog when you get home, perhaps repeatedly over a period of time until the health issue is resolved. When the infection goes away, you will notice that your dog is comfortable, and you know when your dog is happy again.

Flea Migrations

Many times, you may find that your dog starts scratching itself furiously. This is most likely because the dog now has a flea colony in its fur. Most of the time, this can be corrected simply by giving your dog a good bath regularly.

Pay special attention to problem areas such as the ears, the neck, the tail, and the paws. You may ask the vet to recommend a good anti-flea shampoo for the bath. You should also try and track down the reasons for the flea infestation. This means isolating your dog from other dogs and keeping your dog from the outdoors until you figure out where the dog picks up fleas.

Final Thoughts on Dog Health Problems

It is almost impossible to raise a dog without it developing health issues along the way. However, despite health problems, you can still raise a happy dog by keeping close attention to your pet’s health and disposition. This includes giving your dog regular baths, providing adequate food and water, and paying regular visits to the veterinarian. Take care of your dog well and you will find your dog is comfortable and happy.

What are your thoughts on dog health problems?

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels