Why You Should Get A Dog Clicker For Training Your Pet

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Clicker training is a recommended way of teaching pets new things in the most positive way and ensuring the learning is fun for both you and your dog – though it’s worth noting clicker train can be used with any animals, including cats, rabbits, and horses.

Clicker training is seen as a positive training method that is based on the idea of rewarding an animal for its good behavior. Your pet gets to understand that the click sound means “that’s good” and that something tasty is coming as a result.

dog with dog clicker

Clicks are more effective than a voice for two basic reasons. First, our moods influence how we sound. This can make our voices inconsistent. Second, in the time it takes us to praise our pets they may move on to something else. Clickers offer a quick, consistent and clear signal to our pets.

It is widely recognized that when animals are rewarded for good behavior, they become more likely to repeat the good behavior. This encourages them to seek ways they can offer the behavior again so they get a repeat treat. This makes training more of a game and less of a chore for both parties.

When clicker training each click must be seen as an absolute guarantee that your pet will be immediately rewarded.

To get underway what you need is the best clicker and some quality food treats. To do this use this site

Clickers only cost a couple of dollars. Before starting to use your clicker, check that your pet isn’t sound sensitive. Some animals can be frightened by unfamiliar sounds like clicks.

You must stock up on the right quality of food treats because this is the key ingredient that is going to make the training stick! Dogs like treats that are about the size of your little fingernail. Suggestions include cheesy treats or small pieces of fresh chicken. When you train in a park where the distractions are many and varied really tasty treats, like small pieces of ham, help to keep dogs interested.

During these training sessions, because pets may get a lot of treats you must make sure their overall diet is adjusted and managed so they don’t become overweight.

To get started, find a nice, quiet area. It should be somewhere that both you and your pet can concentrate. With your dog beside you, click once and then immediately give a treat. At no time should you point the clicker at your pet or click close to their ears. You should repeat this action a few times, at least until your pet is alert to the clicking sound and is looking to you for a treat.

dog clicker

There are four basic steps to dog clicker training:

  1. Trigger the behavior you desire
  2. Click the behavior as it happens, don’t delay
  3. Reward immediately
  4. Click at the end of the exercise and allow your pet to relax and enjoy the treat before starting again

Photo by Fabian Gieske on Unsplash