Why Your Puppy Is Crying And Whining During The Night

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Getting a puppy is an exciting time in your life. You are about to become best friends forever, but before that happens, you and your pet need to get used to each other. Sometimes small puppies cry and whine in the night during the first couple of weeks at their new house, and it is very worrying as well as distressing for pet owners. You want to take good care of your new furry friend and make him comfortable. Training a puppy is a challenging task even when you follow advice from experts, like My Sweet Puppy. To help you out, here are the reasons for puppies crying at night and a few tips for dog owners on how to calm them.

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Is it normal for a puppy to cry?

Small puppies are extremely vulnerable. Dogs feel naturally like an easy target, so they need the protection of their parents in order to feel safe. Dogs, as an example of pack animals, do live with each other and look after one another. Because they are rather small and weak and therefore unable to protect themselves, they cry when they feel lonely. Your puppy won’t cry when you are present, unless other needs, such as hunger and thirst, are not met. Basically, the puppy cries when he or she feels unsafe or lonely, and it is perfectly fine, it’s a puppy’s nature.


What are the reasons behind it?

During the first few days at a new house, your puppy crying a bit is natural and instinctive.

His whining isn’t something that the dog is doing deliberately or can control. Please, do not punish him for it, even when you feel really frustrated. A little patience or a few gentle techniques should go a long way. Crying in the early days after an adoption is a response to a physical or emotional need. The reason behind the crying could be:

  • Being afraid.
  • Feeling hungry
  • Fear of being alone.


Many puppies do this once they get to their new homes, and the crying can be stopped by making the dog feel safe. New puppy owners often try to calm their pets with treats or by giving toys. However, this is not the most effective way to comfort a puppy.


Crate vs. sleeping with the owner

The cure for your puppy crying at night is spending more time with your pet, and it works better than toys and even better than food. Simply said, your puppy needs you to be there for him. Basically, there are two ways to help your pet. You can make sure that the dog is not alone at night, or you can ignore him until he learns that he is safe, with the second technique being less pleasant. It is an excellent idea to let your puppy sleep with you for a couple of days until he/she gets used to being at your house. For some dogs, it is enough to put the crate in your bedroom, others will require you to be really close during the night, and that is perfectly fine. Eventually, you will be able to train them to sleep alone once they get used to the surroundings.

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The myth of “bad sleeping habits”

You decided to comfort your puppy by letting him sleep with you for a couple of days, but you are concerned that it is going to stay that way for a long time, and this puppy will become a bigger dog eventually. You should know that it is a myth that if you don’t teach your dog from the beginning, then he will always have a bad sleeping habit. All puppies and dogs are animals that respond very well to training and can change the way they respond and act at all stages of development and growth.


When sleeping together doesn’t work

If you are facing a situation that a few days already past and your dog is still not stopping crying, then it is time to begin to train him a bit. If you can sense that your puppy already feels secure and there is no reason for him to cry, time to be a little ignorant, as it might be an example of learned crying. If you leave a dog alone and don’t respond at night, most puppies will stop crying after a few nights. For most puppies, it will take three or four days to adjust.


Having a furry best friend is a privilege that only animal owners understand and appreciate. A small puppy can add so much joy to a person’s life. They really are loyal and loving creatures, and it is extremely difficult not to fall in love with them. Having a puppy and training him is a challenge, but it is so worth the effort.


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