Moving With Dog From the UK to Thailand Tail

Havanese cover

My son had been asking about getting a puppy for a couple of years. But living in rented accommodation at the time, made this difficult. But, hear our journey through the UK to Thailand.

The truth was, we wanted a dog as much as our son, so we decided to move to a new house that would accept a small dog. The only property we could find that allowed a pet was 25 miles away. Which meant moving to a new area altogether. Even though my son also had to move schools.

And I’m sure everyone in the UK knows, moving schools can be a big deal. Totally worth it though, we managed to find a breeder down in Kent with a litter ready in 4 weeks.

The day came for us to pick up our new family member. It was an exciting day, to say the least.

What we didn’t know was, a year later we would be on the move again, only this time we were heading for Thailand.

I should explain my wife is from Thailand and her family needed her to come back here to help with the family business. It wasn’t some random impulse to jump on a plane so we could travel the world.

As a family, we had travelled around quite a bit. Thailand, Brazil, Spain and back to the UK. But, never with a dog. Now our family included a 14-month-old Havanese that my son named, Biscuit.

It seemed as though we talked about this move every day for over a month. Did we want this? Our son was happy in his school. Where we lived was a beautiful part of the UK. The park was 5 minutes away and Biscuit loved his walks over there.

But family is a big deal to Thais and my wife felt she needed to be there.

So, we made the decision to go.

There’s quite a bit of paperwork needed to move a dog to Thailand. Import permits, injections, health certificates etc.

We also wanted Biscuit to be on the same flight as his family. We were going to be there to take him off the plane ourselves.

We decided that excess baggage was the best way.  We handed Biscuit over at the same time we checked in. Not being able to see him for another 14-15 hours was upsetting.

His barking and crying was difficult to hear as well. He had never been out of our site for over a year.

Another priority for us was a direct flight. Taking him from one plane and moving him to another wasn’t something we could contemplate.

Havanese in garden

On arrival, we had to wait about 3 hours before we could pick him up. No idea what the delay was about and never did find out.

But, then we had him back and boy was he pleased to see us and us him. We had worried and fretted all through the flight.

How has he settled in Thailand? Well great, to be honest.

He doesn’t much care for many long walks these days. The heat can be oppressive at times for him and he does love the air-con.

When we lived in the UK we had a devil of a time getting him to take baths. No such issue here, he loves them now.

We did worry so much about bringing him to Thailand. It’s different for him and us over here.

We’ve always been cautious with him, but here we have to be so much more on our guard.

We never even let him in the garden without one of us with him. Snakes, scorpions, centipedes and other assorted creatures can be dangerous, even life-threatening to curious pets.

It’s been over 2 years now, no health problems or issues with him at all. As a breed, Havanese are wonderful little dogs. They are so much fun to be with and they love life and their family.

Photo by Elijah Ekdahl on Unsplash

  1. Biscuit is adorable and I love his name! We have also lived internationally and we adopted a Golden Retriever for our youngest daughter. It’s amazing how a dog can help a child to relax in a new place, until it become home.

    • The bond between children and dogs is one of the most wonderful things to behold.