What Type of Water Should Your Pet Drink

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Every animal requires drinking water to survive. Water is most important because it helps the pet remain hydrated, and it is one of the essential nutrients for your pet. The lean body mass of an adult animal comprises about 70 to 80 percent water.

As a pet owner, you are worried whether you are giving the right type of water to your dog or cat. In this review, you will find the best water for your pet and the benefits of water to your pet.

Benefits of drinking water

There are many benefits of giving your pet water. One of the main benefits includes the regulation of body temperature. Animals are generally warm-blooded animals, and their temperature ranges should be narrow and specific. Thus, drinking water helps to regulate body temperature and prevents the body from overheating. An active animal will lose water in the form of sweat, and this water needs to replenish to avoid dehydration. Water also assists in the process of hydrolysis and energy production. Hydrolysis is the process that helps break down ATP molecules. This ATP molecule helps in releasing energy that helps animals remain active and vibrant.

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Water also helps in the regulation of PH levels. Water acts as an alkaline that reduces the chances of acid elements that draw essential minerals from the animals’ bodies. The water stabilizes the PH levels and reduces unhealthy chemical reactions. One significant benefit of water that we overlook is that it aids in digestion. It provides a barrier to the animals’ stomach lining that prevents hydrochloric acid from corroding this lining. Water is also essential because it helps in the lubrication of joints.

Pets are active creatures, and their joints are often rubbing against one another. The cartilage moves smoothly because of water, and without enough water, the bones would rub against each other, causing great pain. Water helps keep the nose, mouth, and eyes of your pet moist, as well as in cushioning the nervous system and other vital internal organs. It also helps in removing toxic material from your body, which comes out in the form of urine.

What type of water is safe for my pet?

We all want what is best for our pets, giving them the right kind of water. Not every type of water is healthy for pets because of the PH levels and the number of contaminants in this water. For example, purified water has more acidic components when you filter out natural minerals. Feeding your pet with high water levels of acidity might bring about renal diseases and prevents the normal functioning of your pets’ digestive system. Here are some of the familiar sources of water:

  • Tap Water

Most people feed their pets with regular municipal tap water. The main reason behind this is that tap water is affordable and reliable. Most tap water comes from a lake, a river, or a reservoir, but the major disadvantage is contamination in the form of soil, chemical spills, algae, etc. When your pet takes in these contaminants through water, they might get a severe gastrointestinal infection. You can use a quality water filter to reduce the level of contamination in your tap water, such as a filtered pitcher.

  • Bottled water

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There are plenty of bottled water varieties. You can choose to give your pet bottled water, which is sometimes safer than regular tap water. You can check for bottled water companies that use purifiers from established companies because they guarantee safe bottled water.

  • Distilled water

According to research studies, distilled water brings about specific sodium and chloride imbalances in the animal body. It also brings about an increase in the secretion of cortisol hormones and reduces the production of red blood cells. Distilled water does not provide the same level of satisfaction to pets like other sources of water, and in the process, pets tend to consume more water than necessary.

Can I give my pet filtered water?

Filtered water is generally tap water that passes through a filter to remove impurities. There are several types of high-quality water filters. Before choosing a screen, you need to know the level of contamination on your tap water to determine the type of filter to use.

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Always ensure that your pet drinks healthy and contaminant-free water. You should also feed your pet water from quality drinking materials such as porcelain bowls and stainless steel containers. You should also encourage your pet to take enough water throughout the day by learning its favorite type of water.

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