The Beginners Guide to Orthopedic Dog Beds

The Beginners Guide to Orthopedic Dog Beds cover

Our Dogs demonstrate amazing loyalty to us throughout their lifetime. One way to show our appreciation and thanks for this level of dedication is to buy them a quality dog bed.

More commonplace nowadays in what seems to be a flooded online marketplace, are orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds.

These orthopedic dog beds are particularly good for older dogs, relieving the pain of structural ailments such as Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia. The research of the American pet products association, reveals an important statistic; 9 out of 10 dogs will suffer from joint pain & arthritis within their lifetime.

Therefore the importance of a memory foam dog bed is highlighted.

These orthopedic dog beds are, however, not exclusively for older dogs. They also can have a preventative effect when used proactively for younger dogs too.

Your dog should not wake up stiff and sore if your pup is slow to rise and shows rigidity in their movements their existing bed may be substandard. It may be time to invest in an orthopedic bed!

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What is an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

When shopping for human beds it is nowadays fairly impossible to avoid memory foam. Whole mattresses or memory foam toppers for the more traditional sprung mattress, memory foam appears to be everywhere! But why is this? The answer is simple the material actually designed by NASA is the most supportive material on the market. It is also a very hardwearing resilient material.

Your dog can benefit from the great performance of memory foam in an orthopedic bed. Indeed, a true orthopedic bed is constructed using a memory foam topper. This topper is set on a base of high resilience foam in quality, properly constructed beds. This is as if the bed were constructed of just memory foam, your dog would simply sink to the floor. The HR foam base allows your dog to sink just the right amount into the bed.

Designed to support the back, joints and overall body a true orthopedic memory foam dog bed underpins the canine’s weight, relieving pressure points across the body.

When looking to purchase an orthopedic dog bed you need to ensure that the bed is constructed of memory foam not filled with polyester fiber or foam chip fillings, these beds are simply not orthopedic.

Choosing the right orthopedic dog bed for your pup!

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  1. Real memory foam- Ensure the mattress uses real memory foam in its construction
  2. Thickness- A thicker cushion is more likely to provide better support, aim for a minimum of three inches thickness.
  3. Durable- You need to find a bed that is likely to stand the test of time, especially seeing as memory foam dog beds generally don’t come cheap.
  4. Waterproof- liners to protect the foam inner are of great importance for accident-prone pups.
  5. Size- A bed that can accommodate your dog comfortably is of paramount importance. As dog bed sizes aren’t standardized you may need to measure your dog in a resting position to ensure they will fit.
  6. Cost- Beds in the orthopedic/memory foam segment generally will not be cheap. But it is an investment for the future health and wellbeing of your dog. Try to balance your budget and get the best orthopedic dog bed you can afford.

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Introducing Bobby Bed

Bobby bed is a dog wellness orientated company that specializes in dog beds.

They currently have two main variants, premium quality orthopedic dog beds and calming dog beds also known as anti-anxiety dog beds.

Their orthopedic dog beds simply put, tick all the boxes! They are constructed using premium quality memory foam and a HR foam base. They have machine washable changeable covers, available in two colorways. The available colors are very neutral and contemporary in keeping with most homes’ décor.

Dust mite and mold resistant, with a skid-proof base, these beds are solid and made to last even standing up to biting and scratching!

They are waterproof lined to withstand accidents.

Simply put they are the comfiest orthopedic dog bed, designed specifically for dogs by dog lovers. They perfectly adjust to your dog’s body weight & curvature of their spine, to ease pressure off their joints and body.

Check them out

At the time of writing, there is a site-wide sale of 40% off of all Bobby beds. So, head on over to and grab a bargain now! However, I find that they always have terrific savings on all their products so check them out!

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